DJI – Introducing the Zenmuse X7

DJI – Introducing the Zenmuse X7

Deep passion for uncompromised image quality is the simple philosophy behind the Zenmuse X7. Together with the Inspire 2 it marks the next evolution in DJI´s aerial imaging technology. The Inspire 2 has become a standard aerial platform used on film sets around the globe. The new Zenmuse X7 transforms it into the world’s first fully integrated aerial platform, featuring a Super 35mm sensor for video recording. The X7 offers a video resolution of up to 6K. The high resolution not only provides incredible details but also allows reframing. The RAW and ProRes codecs integrate seamlessly into industry standard post-production workflows. 14 stops of dynamic range enhance grading flexibility by preserving details in shadow and highlight areas. The large sensor also enables filming with a cinematic shallow depth of field and low image noise. An ISO range of 100~25600 makes it suitable for use in all lighting situations. The new DJI Cinema Color System consists of two parts: An updated D-Log curve for extended dynamic range and D-Gamut RGB color space for preserving maximum color information. When I first took a look at this X7 footage it really has the color fidelity there. So the dynamic range of the colors that it can reproduce and I can push the grades around pretty hard and I still don´t get noise with this camera. The superb picture quality of the Zenmuse X7 is an asset on every film-set. A new EI mode makes it easy to match with different cameras used for TV series, commercials and documentaries as well as feature films. DJI also proudly introduces the world’s first aerial lens mount system The DL-Mount. The ultra-short flange distance allows a compact lens design. DJI offers four prime lenses specifically build for the X7 with focal length of 16, 24, 35, and 50 mm Made with carbon fiber, they are lightweight and durable. The advanced optic elements deliver brilliant image quality. The X7 also captures stunning DNG RAW or JPEG still pictures with a resolution of 24 megapixels. With its sturdy build, the X7 was made for professional cinematography and ambitious aerial stills photographers. It replaces large and difficult to use aerial solutions even on high end film productions. When I think of the X7, I just think of the endless amount of possibilities, that cinematographers and directors can craft their movies with shots that weren’t thought possible before. The Zenmuse X7 is a top of the line, professional film making tool, making it possible for creators to focus on capturing their unique vision of the world. A world that now looks better than ever before.

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  1. I’d definitely recommend this to Hollywood film production. The quality is amazing and I’d love to try this out one day. Great job DJI!

  2. Dude Dji needs to take that sensor and that cinecore processor and make a camera body and have a mount for the inspir 2 batteries and sell the lenses with it for a 6k raw 14stops camera for less than $9000

  3. Is there any platform that can show 6k visually? 4K is Youtube maxed. Well they said it its for professional market like movie makers

  4. Looks great, couple of questions,
    – Can you use the Zenmuse X7 with both the Inspire 2 drone and the Osmo stabilizer ?.
    – Is there a way to get slow motion (48fps or more) at full field of view ?

  5. Wow!!! Although I'm in love with my X4S I'd do anything to play around with an X7. Shall we team up against Johnny FPV and Yuneec for best FPV Pilot Aerial B-Roll??? 😛

  6. Hi dji .my name is prit parasiya muje ek dji phentome drone chiye pliz muje drone photo grafi kelia chaiye or you tub pe bhi vidios banane he pliz😢

  7. How cool would it be to be able to set this up on a Ronin and somehow be able to capture the data…. hmmmmm.. 🙂

  8. I am impressed, how much money can you win as a free lance in one day with this equipment ?

    China know how to make awesome high quality products, this is the perfect example !

  9. the DJI products is fantastic for cinematic footage bt a high risk to loose signal at any moment,,,,i hv lost my 3 dji drone till date,,,,

  10. Make a proppeller cage.
    Does it increase drag?.

    If it does please write a reply.

  11. HI!

  12. Wish I had $20K for the Inspire 2, X7 and all the lenses. DJI if your feeling charitable I’ll take one and review it

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  14. I love this camera. I have used it for some commercial work with the inspire 2 and i must say its awsome. Best on the market.

  15. in the drone market whos DJI rival?or is it so advance there no other option for people but to buy DJI?

  16. I honestly was surprised when I found out that DJI is a new company founded by a Chinese university student a few years ago.

    I always imagined it to be an American company headquartered in California, like other breakthrough projects in tech world.

    At the very same time, however, I already know that nearly everything is manufactured in China today, and there are big innovative companies in China like Lenovo, Huawei, Hisense, and so on.

    That said, I also know that there are Chinese companies that photocopy other companes' products like phones and cars, and others that make garbage low quality products and sell them worldwide.

    In fact, this piracy has badly effected the Chinese industry's name and the consumers' trust in the Chinese brand, to the point that we call a low quality or a fake product a "Chinese" one.

    DJI is of course none of that confusion: its products are so innovative, dripping with high tech, solidly and premium built, beautifully designed.

    Also not to forget that this relatively new company holds a global market share for its product categories, mainly drones, of more than 50% worldwide.

    In other words, DJI is the largest, most innovative, and most valuable drone manufacturer in the world.

    I had the DJI Spark for a few weeks, and lost it a few days ago when I was flying it in the neighborhood.

    Up until this moment, I'm not able to find it.

    However, this incident isn't preventing me from considering to upgrade to the Inspire 2, as the latter isn't supposed to encounter the Spark's problem that made it disappear: high wind velocity and weak connection with the RC, as it's a professional grade product.

    The DJI Go 4 app and their ecosystem is another reason why I'm sticking with their gear, a platform I got used to by flying the Spark for several weeks, and my experience with it was smooth overrally.

    The last but not least reason is that there's simply no better option out there for professional level areal videography at the pricepoint of DJI's offerings.

  17. If I keep watching this video until the end, I might be found dead in my bedroom tomorrow as a result of a heart attack. This is how much I want this camera and this drone.

  18. Th features of this camera are soooo amazing !! Honestly why don't you built a gimbalgrip for it for normal filming ? Like a Ultra osmo 😀

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