100 thoughts on “DJI – Introducing the Inspire 1”

  1. Pretty amazing stuff here. When you look at something like this, coupled with the recent revolution in low cost CGI special effects, I think we're about to enter a golden age of low budget/high quality independent film making. I bet you can buy one of these drones for what, in the past, it would have cost to rent a helicopter borne aerial filming crew for a day or two.

  2. There really should be an optional (or maybe standard?) second, forward-facing camera. I would imagine piloting can get a bit disorienting if the camera operator is panning all around. This way you could broadcast over two channels, one of which is always facing forward.

  3. We've all heard about the phantom flyaway. The only thing that concerns me now is the possible flyways with a 4000$ drone. scary

  4. Wow! The DJI Inspire 1 just squashed the competition from Draganflyer & Quadrocopter & Hoverfly for a fraction of the price 🙂

  5. For anyone saying that the price is too high, you HAVE to fly this thing before you say that. I thought so I, but I got one and it's absolutely incredible. Believe me!

  6. Why has the inspire one price tag increased 12% overnight for Europe? from 2859  to 3199 Eur. ?
    2899 Dollars for north America and the European suckers pay 3199 Eur?
     NO thank you..

  7. Can't wait to own one and hope to God that no one ever messes this up for everyone… BTW, is that an original soundtrack? I'd love to play that music in the car on the way to work 😀

  8. Could some please buy/download the awesome soundtrack used in the DJI video and share it on YouTube.

    It's called Showtime by Reaktor Productions. There doesn't appear to be any source on YouTube or anywhere else on the Internet. This is the song but it has some kind of audio watermark.


  9. I want to ask if you have the store in Africa, especially in Tanzania, i want to visit your store for those phantoms!

  10. compared to the GoPro H4 Black the I spore camera performs better all around. Better low light, More accurate color saturation, no barrel effect at 94 degrees on the lens, ect. I use gopro too and they make killer stuff but… for aerial the inspire is a better camera option. Plus it's a modular design which will allow DJI to make future upgrades and maybe 3rd party add ons. I do agree…A Fixed FPV camera on the nose streaming on a separate chanel would make for less disorientation while piloting. search it. A 3rd party company has just made a discreet nose cam that streams separate for the pilot. Hint Hint DJI. This is most definitely my next purchase….

  11. After using a Phantom 3 pro and my Inspire 1 I found the Inspire 1 to be far superior to the Phantom 3 Pro
    one main reason. No jello in windy conditions !!

  12. Honestly, the dual controller mode is useless in situations where the pilot is making long range flights because he could not see where his drone is heading to while the camera controller is just focus on shooting no matter what the orientation of the Inspire is because neither of them know where the drone is facing unless they realign the camera with the orientation of the quad or enter FPV which makes the "idea" trash. Better if they will add another camera at the nose of the drone for FPV so both pilots can focus on what they are doing without worrying of a possible crash or undesired footage.

  13. This is still a competitive option in the flying camera market. Allowing a camera person to do their job while a pilot does the flying is a great feature not used by other drones at this time.

  14. I have an aircraft inspired one , with several defects including a broken arm and I find parts to sell ..

  15. I'm dreaming of getting one (don't need the upgrades of the Pro anytime soon), but for a beginner (like me) the Phantom is a better choice (I think).

  16. An awesome piece of gear. Bought mine one year ago and I am still in big love with it!
    I also just started a youtube channel with aerials of this baby. You might wanna have a look 🙂

  17. i have phantom 3 adv mavic pro and inspire 1. but still! still till now i1 is way superior on handling while doing camera works on shooting!

  18. Seriously guys im having this i1 since 2015.. and a week ago i just sold it with its tiptop like new condition and bought a phantom 4 pro.. seriously guys do be a guy like me.. now im so much regrets.. i should own it forever.. theres something that i1 out stand any other dji drones out there, yes i can say p4p produce superb cleaner video and images.. but still.. i1 have something that unbeaten. Now I don't have enough money to buy back.. im willing to trade my p4p to anyone who have i1..

  19. jajaja que se tomo el tiburon que esta tan tieso jajajajjajajaja que hijo de puta boludo la cagaron con ese tiburon, ahora no lo compro.

  20. 最大的错误是购买带有STUPID且从不使用智能电池的dji M2P无人机。购买9个月后(电池膨胀),这些电池会怀孕,导致电池在飞行过程中从无人机中弹出,最终导致坠机。 dji如此恶魔,在他们的政策中指出电池仅被覆盖6个月,因为他们知道在9个月时这些电池正在分娩。而我所犯的最大错误就是购买了更多的飞行套件和一个额外的电池,总共制造了4个电池。现在所有的电池都膨胀了。请注意,我照顾好我的东西,对于电池,如果我不打算使用超过10天,我总是将它们放电到40%,在常规基座上完全充电和放电,并且总是存放在阴凉处在Nanuk的安全密封硬壳中放置15到25度之间。

  21. They should have hired a better person to talk about this equipment. This guy besides not having a bit of humility he is not a good example when it comes to color treatment.

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