DJI FPV System – TrueRC X-Air antenna test

we gonna test the TrueRC X-Air antenna specially designed fot the DJI FPV system we’ll test 4 configurations and to get an idea of ​​the quality of these antennas I noted the data rate in Mbps from the googles these antennas are just amazing the data rate is 2 to 4 x higher than omni antennas with only one, it’s better than the 2 others patchs but with 2, it’s blew me away the stutter lines with stubby Triumph Pro became fluid with 2 TrueRC X-Air I finally found MY antennas, I keep them I recommend them to all who get the DJI FPV system and the bonus is that you can let the X-Air all the times no need to remove them to put in the bag I have a Torvol bag and it is perfect for this

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