DJI – Expedition Greenland: Behind the Scenes with the Mavic 2

DJI – Expedition Greenland: Behind the Scenes with the Mavic 2

I’ve been ski mountaineering for over 20 years and when you come to a new mountain range, you take everything you’ve learned. You’re trying to do things better than you’ve done them before. Being able to put all of that together, for me, is deeply motivating. Greenland’s always been a blank spot on the map for me. I’ve never been here before, and the Mavic 2 having a five-mile range and 44-mile an hour max speed is really useful on a lot of different levels out here. There you can see our whole approach here. You see that? Yeah. One of the most challenging things for ski mountaineering is access, is getting to these really special lines. You can go and frame certain scenarios that might take two or three hours to get to. It feels a little bit like cheating, but it’s really helpful. So far so good. I think we should go over there ourselves. Yeah. On an expedition like this, clearly weight is an issue and bulk is an issue. You need to have your ropes, crampons, and tools, and food. So, having a drone that’s this big, that I can kind of fold up and put into my pack. It’s absolutely worth its weight in gold. Having the Mavic 2 was extremely useful because it’s always so hard to give a sense of scale, and give a sense of context of where we are and what we’re doing. If you’re trying to let people understand truly where you are, and how remote you are. On a trip like this, I’m really trying to cover the shooting on the fly. That’s my favorite way of shooting. When you’re actually in the mountains, you have an objective, and you’re just climbing, filming, and shooting, and it’s just kind of an honest representation of your experience. You’re just creating images to tell that story. For a professional camera system, image quality is clearly really important and the Mavic 2 Pro has a one-inch sensor, adjustable aperture. It just gives me some latitude to work with. I always love the aerial perspective. The biggest thing is that it gives me an angle that I used to think was impossible. It was worth it. Awesome. You really need a piece of equipment that’s intuitive and easy to fly so you can stay focused on where you are and being present. And with these drones, for the first time, I’ve seen that view that I’m having on the top of this mountain, it’s the closest that I’ve seen that portrays what I feel, having been there. Some of my favorite shots from this trip are definitely from the ski shots. That’s traditionally been a very difficult place to get good aerial shots. In this case, with the Mavic 2, it’s just such an easy system to use. You can make a shot like that happen. I think the technical advances in cameras has really allowed people much more access to stories, because there a lot of stories that probably never would have been told if there wasn’t that accessibility. It motivates people creatively, and I think that that’s a good thing.

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  1. I don´t believe it was all made with the Mavic 2 – because of multiple reasons: It´s too cold for the Mavic up there. My Mavic 2 gives me a temp warning for the batteries when it´s getting cold – they are not heated. The sound on some scenes, especially on top of the mountain or while skiing is not possible. Has to be recorded seperatly. The colors are nice, but I could not get them like this yet – even with my polar pro cinema nd/PL filters. Please tell us more, how you could solve these problems there. Thanks. (I love my DJI drone). And…. your smartphone would shut off in those low temp conditions. You would need a crystal sky monitor.

  2. This is BS. There was zero "behind the scenes" detail or explanation. Those were high end cinema cams shooting the various scenes, external mics as well as other drones, most likely the Inspire 2. Fess up DJI!

  3. The real hero is the cameraman who shot footage with both people and mavic 2 inside one shot. This is clearly a 3 man expedition that looks like a two men crew

  4. Please Dji, New Functions Asteroid and Boomerang in Dji Mavic Pro 1, Respect for your old customers, Thank you from the heart

  5. Sadly you have to go to Greenland to get these shots. Drones are band from locations that look like this in North America.

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