Disneyland Halloween ~ Galaxy’s Edge Smugglers Run ~ Star Wars Land

good morning everybody from Disney’s the
Grand Californian restaurant here I’m actually in the hotel right now but I
had reservations and that’s a Nightmare Before Christmas stuff here you know
where the pianos play themselves getting in the Beast a nice roaring fire even
though it’s gonna be almost 90 degrees today well let’s go find out where
breakfast is at forgive me I’m still a little tired I
just woke up 20 minutes ago got to the bus stop bus was already there so we’re
on a we’re on a super high pace day to day but storytellers cafe alright I’ll cede it in here you can see
we got some characters going around I got plate one eggs hash browns and bacon
look who came to see me Minnie Mouse thanks for making a stop I like your whiskers looking good there
bleep too gonna fill up french toast any Mickey
waffle covered in strawberries I got a 50-50 chance of getting this one
right this is shit right nod I got it right
reckless was fantastic thank you ahh chip gave me a pin storytellers cafe I
love it Mickey Mouse everybody Mickey two things breakfast was awesome
I’m celebrating two hundred thousand subscribers but my calf needs me to tell
you something and I need you to not be mad okay a month ago one of your little
little little brothers got into the RV but hey this has a happy end he was okay
and he let him go outside to start a new world so he wants to that he wanted to
say he’s sorry he wish he could be here but uh thank you breakfast was awesome
where to go to Disneyland really good food I’m stumped that’s a good little
interaction in here you know I love my breakfast buffets so now we’ll go over
to uh we’ll head out of the hotel I’m gonna go try to find a way to board the
monorail gotta ride that monorail right gotta find out there’s that monorail okay I love it that’s beautiful and
that’s how I’m getting in the park here we go there we go
apparently I missed this one standing around talking to you guys and showing
it yeah get away from the next one maybe it’ll be blue Sorcerer’s Mickey read we’re on the
monorail finally how many years have I been trying to get on the monorail oh
man I feel like I’ve actually experienced is me now yeah I met the
front but conductors on the other side of that so so the monorail drops you off in
Tomorrowland submarines and Autopia you can drive around the cars I don’t know
if it’s working right now I’m gonna waste no time at all we’re going
straight for Star Wars land there’ll be there’ll be time for everything else but
I’ve been really excited about the opening galaxy’s edge in both parks
California and Florida and I don’t want to miss it I don’t want to close down
it’s open right now with a 45-minute wait without you don’t need to get the
little boarding permit or anything so we’ll head over to galaxy’s edge right
now all right so leaving frontier land as
you can see I’m gonna have a little transformation under this tunnel right
here going through the bridge here oh the
lights are changing gosh it’s galaxies edge just like that
we have transformed into Star Wars land elevator controls every detail at Disney
every detail even the garbage cans look like mini droids a TIE fighter and of
course be a darkside stores first still looking for this ride this is like
a pretty main area right here it’s not very busy still a little busier
in here this is what I really wanted to see the Millennium Falcon guys look how
look how amazing this is they did good in galaxies age Wow yeah what do you
think good that’s a permanent and the wait time for
smugglers run the new ride is only 35 minutes standby Valeska actually it’s
gonna be less than 35 minutes they do have a single rider line and we are
flying through this hallway right now yes there’s too many people here at
Disneyland who’s tired too many cables hangar bays really good ride way better than Star
Tours it’s also different now I will say from the time I entered the single ride
to the end that was about three minutes and 40 seconds I got s stormtroopers
here bossing people around that’s pretty cool I like galaxies edge and this is
one of their quick service restaurants in here all themed star wars also I know I keep saying it but they knocked
it out of the park here actually it’s in the park this is where you can get your
lightsaber there are a lot of lightsabers here yeah so this is the line for the Star
Wars bar so you gotta have reservations to get into that bar but you can still
get Luke Skywalker’s famous blue milk here at this quick service car alright I’m doing it I’m gonna drink
Luke Skywalker’s blue milk hmm it’s like a frozen almost icy it’s delicious I don’t know what the
milk has to do with it doesn’t taste like milk it tastes like a delicious
sugary ice cream drink also you’re seeing people carrying around boxes of
mini droids little r2d2 is and bb-8 that’s because they have a Droid Depot
here for $100 you can build a working Android where you pick out all the
pieces yourself put it together the way you want it they activate it and then
it’s a remote-control droid we’re checking out the Droid Depot right now that’s when you get to build the color
you want all the little pieces and here they are building r2d2 does not have to be standard blue
you see pink black blue I take back all of my credit system I
think it’s absolutely awesome I just live in an RV like I said small space I
can’t collect stuff like this but I think it’s absolutely cool if I were in
a house if I had room to display it I would definitely have an r2d2 I would
make my own and I think I planned it just right waiting for the crowds to die
down you know just kind of get it all to yourself that’s so cool wait a minute
wait time on cheese and now we’ve come to Splash Mountain it just happens to be
the very next one that I’m walking Splash Mountain is my second favorite
Disney ride of all time now behind the cars over there Disney’s California
Adventure so did it last time
get wet in the morning how come it seems like I always get the
worst of it on those you might get wet rights like everybody else comes off dry
I’m always soaked I even got soaked inside I get wet over
the people in front of me and got to me yeah let’s go around the corner it’s
Halloween let’s go check out the Haunted Mansion
see how they got it all decked out like it’s it’s Halloween year-round also you
ever wonder how they know what the actual wait times are they give random
guess these you wear them and then you give them when you get up front that’s
how they keep track real time what the actual land I got picked for the people
to carry is that’s good they did a really good job on the
haunted house for Halloween I’m surprised they could change it so much
it’s totally different than the normal ride those decorations were awesome and
well worth the two-hour wait I gave him my little car thing and they
changed the ride wait time when I started was 40 minutes now it’s 150
minute wait for the Haunted Mansion which makes this the longest wait time
in the entire park and still to our way definitely check it out with the
Halloween decorations fortunately unfortunately I mean I am running late I
have lunch reservations and I’m gonna be about five minutes late so we got to
scoot over that real quick pick this tiny package for a very
specific reason it’s $40 for food and a science seating for the Electrical
Parade tonight with a good viewing area above the train station so got my ticket
for that my reserved spot and a mountain of food here for lunch look at all this
corn bread mac and cheese beans pulled pork chicken watermelon corn that’s how
we do that I’m stuffed and by the way you know those viewing area packages
those are always a good thing at Disney because they really do reserve you a
good spa I had a problem years ago at one of the parks were I just got there I
thought I had a perfect spot sat there waited an hour and then all of a sudden
they came by like 15 minutes for the show and said everybody’s you got to
move we’re blocking this all off for reserved people it’s like wait what like
they put temporary tape down and poles would kicked us all out
I miss the show I’m not gonna miss that electrical parade tonight and I’m gonna
share with you I think it’s time for some pirates to Caribbean I know Jungle Cruise does something
special for Christmas don’t know if they do anything specific unique for
Halloween I’m bettin they do it’s only in five minute wait let’s check it out now here we on our first album of the
two are the sacred baby pool of the ancien elephants this one it’s got to do
a trick alright well hey here’s a treat that’s my crew from last month all the
way for my friends it’s the amazing you might even see the sign of water but
don’t try this at home you’ll hit your head on the back of the faucet is okay
if jungle crew isn’t it’s a lot smaller a lot shorter ride than the Disney World
version we’re over here in the Tiki area the times of my favorite Disney treat
the Dole Whip yeah yeah so the Enchanted Tiki Room is a
weird one but on a warm day with air conditioning in there it’s actually
really nice and if not at the speed and eat my Dole Whip you can bring the dole
up inside and I just didn’t know it so I served it yeah let’s head on over to
Main Street because I came in through the monorail we didn’t really see the
normal entrance to the park let’s go to Main Street hey wait no waiting to get a
magnet not gotten a single magnet in the three days I’ve been at Disney these are
choices it’s that one it’s this one which I’m kind of leaning towards I
already have this magnet and I already have the rubber castle magnet it is been
really weird I don’t know if Disney is getting rid of magnets or what’s going
on but I’m going to get the Disneyland magnet that one right there for 2019 we
got old Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse here on Main Street and there’s the
castle over there and there’s a marching band coming right
for me right now and Main Street in September for
Halloween not too busy behind me I mean hasn’t been busy this little time
longest wait I waited anywhere without calling mansion
I love the Halloween decorations about that I like that and the pumpkin is
smiling at us right here in Maine straight also the trains opened this
year let’s go ride the railroad Disney railroad case you’re wondering I still
collect the Disney popcorn barrels I got the Main Street Electrical Parade 2019
Halloween version this time it’s a sixteen dollars and and then refills all
the whole day are a dollar fifty so just hold on to this near your seat and you
get cheap snacks for the whole day and as a total bonus hooks onto the side of
my backpack so I’ll still have a free hand while I’m walking around the park
okay here the Train welcome aboard the Disneyland railroad
we’re embarking on a grand circle tour of the Magic Kingdom we’ll be stopping
at New Orleans square Biggie’s to town and Tomorrowland we’ll also visit the
Grand Canyon and make a trip back in time to the primeval world and the age
of the dinosaurs before returning to Main Street Station it’s a 15-minute wait for Star Tours
going start starters is pleased to announce is it
natural ones who waits in light chorus I’m sure your rhodium because
you’re coming up raining on my scanner r2d2 I am NOT programmed to fly these
things and not just turned us around this instant before we get into trouble oh shoot
yeah the ride is 40 so wasn’t gonna show you the whole thing but that’s pretty
good I like the incorporation with the newer Star Wars films in that it’s just
weird that it’s here and galaxies edges over there like eventually they should
play moving over to galaxy’s edge option about other stuff to do here which you
can’t you know also mention the the big castle here it’s a lot small it’s a lot
shorter than the one in Florida and this one is Sleeping Beauty’s castle where
the Florida one is Cinderella’s castle didn’t know that didn’t know until today
that they were different castle names for different princesses all right well hey two things I know for
sure my car definitely had a restrictor plate and my brakes are bad on that car
good luck to ever is next there’s no brakes you know there’s still quite a
few big rides that I have not been on one of them is the Matterhorn which is
Disney Land specific can’t get that over in Florida let’s go ahead over to the
Matterhorn really good timing
they Thunder Mountain Railroad just came to a screeching halt here right after I
got off it I don’t know how long they’ll be sitting there before the rescue comes
but anyway I would say it’s probably better with two people on that ride with
one person sliding back and forth hitting my side on both sides kind of
uncomfortable actually yeah Sun has officially set here in
Disneyland it’s mark twain’s a riverboat there
that’ll take you over to Tom Sawyer island over there it’s pretty cool too I
can check in for my reserved seating for the electrical parade in about 20
minutes so that’s where we’ll head next but before I head over there again I
just want to thank each and every one of you watching this I want to thank all of
my subscribers celebrating 2,000 subscribers here on YouTube and I really
appreciate all your support here and all your viewership for sharing my videos
telling all your friends about it and I’m gonna leave you with the electrical
parade and then was back on the road with my announcement and where we’re
going to this in my next video so stay tuned guys and enjoy the parade

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