Disney Planes All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (Wii, WiiU)

Disney Planes All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (Wii, WiiU)

section mission complete
flies an hour this is echo checking in plus one go ahead echo who’s up there
with you this is Bravo we are both ready for the glidepath Roger that Bravo echo
can call the ball welcome back you skipper Riley honored to have you aboard
sir but shouldn’t you be training dusty crophopper for the next wings around the
globe rally sorry Bravo why I’m here is classified
how was your sortie to be honest we’re both eager to handle something more
important something more notable wings of gold not all missions are about glory
even the smallest assignment can help many in ways we don’t immediately see a
plane can only fly as high as his team spirit of course you’re right these
pictures are all of top rally racers I heard you guys like racin so I’ve
dropping off these souvenirs each tells the story about racers from
the circuit is it hard to train a guy like dusty crophopper and not usually
but there was this one time when dusty got back from vacation and boy was he
rusty we’d love to hear the details on that sir nice word dusty head back home and we’ll
get ready for the next sortie sir is that Dusty’s hometown propwash
Junction it looks parched unfortunately it is some bandit came along and dammed
up the river the farmers couldn’t water their fields and the whole county was
drying up so I put out a call to our favorite former crop duster once just
the up to now skipper Dusty’s working to find new sponsors he
almost lost his biggest one because a ripslinger after losing the wings around
the globe rally to dusty ripslinger wanted some payback get a load of this photo it’s El
Chupacabra I heard this guy’s a huge celebrity back in Mexico he’s a hero
there because he’ll do anything for his loyal fans and since he’s convinced that
everyone is a loyal fan el Chu often finds himself very busy helping everyone
out cool it’s cool hahahaha hey Bravo
did you catch he’ll choose latest movie was that the one where he saved the
orphans from the villainous long-haul truck during a mudslide no this one
starts out with el Chu helping a carrier that’s surrounded by mines and out of
fuel ha ha ha ha ha fear not dear courier in
distress Capitan el Chu pokémon he’s on his way
for a full throttle rescue skipper why these pictures different
these are before-and-after pictures of when ripslinger tried to ruin the Diwali
festival ripslinger sabotage is Shani’s favorite
event Diwali ripp came through and blew all the colored sand decorations away sir may I inquire about the blurry
object in this picture oh that that’s a Shani flying faster than she ever flew
before wish I could have seen that she must have been quite a sight she was.but ripslinger had spiked a
Shani’s fuel supply with his own illegal mixture she couldn’t stop Bravo it’s
beautiful what a gorgeous display wow that story
sure had a lot of spark to it did you ever find out who messed everything up
no one really knows but we all suspected it was somebody a little green with envy
gotcha ripslinger what’s with that guy you the oil house that place is legendary we
definitely want to hit it up next time we’re on leave in Germany yeah their
revelry can get pretty rowdy in fact the celebration after the wings around the
globe race was so crazy it blew out the power what’s going on here sir well
Racing’s not all glamour and glory boys even the top racers have to take the
time to schmooze with their sponsors in Bulldogs case this men providing a
joyride for some of his wealthy sponsors in Dubai welcome to propwash junction boys glad
you could join me happy to be here sir looks like we got our work cut out for
us that we doom command want us to get
these pities in the air give them a taste of what we go through up there but
they’re all late for their first lesson radar indicates they are way off course
skipper looks like they’re all over the map
I better go pick them up don’t want them getting any more lost and they already
are sir I’ve never seen this official picture of you before when was it taken
oh yeah I remember this one I was out on the sortie gathering data from a weather
station in the Pacific when Mother Nature threw herself one honey of a fit this storm is the worst vaccine in years
it’s knocked out all the generators by the looks of this snapshot of the
Flies in our seams you fellas got a story to tell me yes sir this fine
vessel got himself into a bit of a jam firm ative flies in Howard was blocked
in by icebergs on every side that is till Bravo and I flew in to help catch
me up boys how’d you help the flies an hour hi
skipper did we ever tell you about the time Bravo and I got to race in our very
own wings around the globe rally really how’d that happen
well they’re about to cancel the race because all the checkpoints were frozen
due to an ice storm so Echo and I were called in to de-ice
the gates and save the rally this is Dusty’s hometown right after
this picture was taken propwash Junction was in for a whole heap of trouble
courtesy of one very disgruntled plane ripslinger that’s right rally champion crophopper turns graffiti
vandal negative that can’t be true you’re right problem Dusty’s no
troublemaker it was all a hoax orchestrated by ripslinger that lowlife
what’d he do this time you that ripslinger really boils my oil I
can’t believe nobody stopped him not only did he spoil a race which is
unacceptable behavior but he permanently wrecked an entire course you’re right
you’re right but here’s the part I’d left out earlier I can’t believe I just
keep pulling these out this is race official headquarters requesting a
rendezvous with ripslinger please reroute and return they must miss
my beautiful mud ripslinger you are hereby suspended from
the next wings around the globe rally until further notice for conduct
unbecoming of a racer what it was that amateur farm boy crophopper you have no
proof yes we do the course is set up for a televised race there are cameras
everywhere what do you have to say for yourself aah whoops in some ironic way
ripslinger x’ plan succeeded the plane that wasn’t worthy of being a pro wasn’t
allowed to compete in the next race you you

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  1. Effects Animators
    Robert Bennett Seunghyuk Kim Erin V. Ramos
    Dimitre Berberov Sam Klock Toby Rosen
    Brett Boggs Chantal Leblanc Nathaniel Sims
    Marc Bryant Beatriz Lorenzo Rattanin Sirinaruemarn
    Chris Carignan James DeV. Mansfield Kee Name Suong
    Joel Einhorn Timothy Molinder Scott Townsend
    Jesse Erickson Hiroaki Narita Brian Jason Tran
    Henrik Fält Mike Navarro Thomas Wickes
    Christian A. Hatfield Jongwon Pak Bruce Wright
    Michael Kaschalk Hendrik Panz Xiao Zhang

  2. Story Artists
    Tom Ellery Lauren MacMullan Bob Scott

    McKenna Harris Steven Markowski Toby Shelton

    Michael Herrera Nicole Mitchell Jeremy Spears

    Kendelle Hoyer Ken Morrissey Samantha Vilfort

    Nancy Kruse Natalie Nourigat Simon Thelning

    Sylvia Hyo-ji Lee Carlos A. Romero Lissa Treiman

    Luis Logam Piero Piluso Fawn Veerasunthorn

  3. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Disney Planes: Beyond the Sky
    Original Score Composed by Mark Mancina

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