Deadly Firework Drone Attack!!! This Is Not A Toy (360 VR Video)

Deadly Firework Drone Attack!!! This Is Not A Toy (360 VR Video)

guys stop and take you from Jupiter phanie and we’re back with another video this video is in 360 degrees so I can get up and I can walk over here now they got to keep up with me if you guys are on your smartphone and you turn it into portrait view you’ll be able to look around my room you can see my extremely messy kitchen and my extremely messy living room but I don’t care because today we’re doing something really lit today we’re doing something I’ve wanted to do for a long time what’s that Jake well Logan if you look over at Logan you can look back at me now to look at Logan they look back at me I it for the longest time II wanted to strap fireworks to a drone I had a dream I had a dream that one day we can strap fireworks to a drone and set them off Terrell I’m the sky terrible idea today we are doing that and we are doing in 360 degrees guys if you guys enjoy these 365 degree videos guys just mass that like button let me know in the comments if you should do more of these if you guys are on your pc to you can click and drag super look around see my whole room and you can see all the little easter there’s no Easter eggs by the way it’s really messy messy I just really hope there’s nothing that someone’s spot somewhere it’s like yo Jake why did you leave your whole address written on the walls exactly and I don’t really know where to look you like how do I make eye contact with you it’s where do I come over here hi guys that’s weird alright so today we’ve got our backyard fun box the backyard fun over here and that is what we’re going to be using to strap to our drone and then i have my drone on the ground here so we’ve got a bunch of fireworks for today that we’re going while we’re going to try don’t know how well is actually gonna work so it’ll definitely be interesting and i kind of want them to be similar firework and i’m hoping none of these explode because if some of these are explosive we’re gonna have a bad time so I’m thinking we’re gonna start off with these two bay what are those I don’t know but they’re cool they’re a little bit below me I hope this transition worked I have no idea this is kind of like our first dabble the 360 degrees if you look up there you can see under my counter but I brought you guys down here so that we can actually show ourselves setting this up so we got my drone here and we’ve got the camera down here don’t I can’t use the camera unfortunately because while we’re shooting fireworks off of it so we’re essentially going to strap the fireworks here and here and I’m going to put the the propellers on the drone get everything set up and we’re going to tape it on there and I don’t know the worst case scenario the absolute worst case would be that the drone blows off kind of jerry-rigging our way so that we can actually get the whole firework system attached and we also have a few different fireworks here so I’m not sure which ones are going to do the best on the ground I’m a little bit afraid to take off too high only because if we go really high for example then it’s kind of like a missile and I feel like there’s probably a law against this so I don’t know you know there’s enough strict laws about flying drones let alone with fireworks strapped to them is because we don’t know what’s going to happen so instead of us having to get all the point of views you literally have one point of you can look around you can replay you can see at the drone you can see where the fireworks go you can watch Logan’s reaction let’s get the battery in this baby because we are almost ready to go groans locked and loaded here we go and we have our controller here so aside from those so these are actually good that we test it out these are the hummers these blow up so definitely not putting these on the grown by the way take a look at Logan I didn’t know any what he’s been doing if you want to go back and rewatch part of the video she’s gonna food it’s like I sleep in G yo guys check out these vago Baba yay fun in 360 good little more fun for you oh god no that’s where outside now and we have the drone here which you guys might not be able to see a little bit below you and it’s really windy but we’re gonna set this thing up here and hopefully it’s gonna work out really well let’s try this all right I don’t think we should try hey guys we just got back in and we’re still in Doug go dogs are Lacey say I and 360 go over you guys can look over there see later you look back here see me or if you look over there see Logan but that was absolutely insane guys like that was crazy we had to stop because my drone was starting to get really messed up I thought that if I had to cap on the drone it wouldn’t be a big issue but it started to kick up like a lot of fire and the camera started to kind of melt a little bit there’s some plastic that was melting so is like yeah maybe we don’t destroy my drone for one video but if you guys like this video if you guys think this was awesome and you’re like Papa J this video was so amazing I think you need to do with bigger I think you need to go bigger than this I think we need to do a video where you don’t care about the drone you just explode the drone then I want you guys to smash that like but I want you guys to hit that like button and if this video gets fifty thousand likes we will go bigger and I will just completely not care about my drone and we’ll blow it up but that was really awesome thank you guys so very much for watching of course guys go on to you more 360 video like this let me know down below in the comments hey guys I’m sup hit that thumbs all over their own a nice look over here look at the camera look the camera don’t look at it guys look at Lacey in 360 she’s so cute but thank you guys so much that Bob Jake and I’ll see you guys next up right now Oh

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