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welcome guys for another Dutch Drone
squad event yay! today we are back at the Dutch drone
squad we have been here the beginning of the year I think or last year? I’m not
entirely sure of being honest but Dutch Drone squad is making really cool events
in the hall that’s one And two – there’s always a lot of fun, a lot of food, drinks and it’s just basically a fun event it’s nothing super you know serious. it’s just
meeting friends, having fun and seeing “crash a lot” again Hello Sir crash a lot – Hello, hello
– Hello, hello! SirCrashaLot: how are you today?
Lexie: I’m great how are you? and so – today’s event
sponsor is subway like literally look so we waiting for finals now and I
haven’t managed because: it was top 16 and I was 21st but I was doing really,
really well and I think I’m making some progress so that’s… that’s really cool and we’re gonna stay until the end of the finals to cheer for our friends and leave me a comment down below saying you are really staying until the end or you
are just going home because a lot of people actually went home and I’m always
staying up until the end To cheer for my friends okay guys so! welcome the other day we’re
still in Alkmaar although we’re going back to Amsterdam today and from
Amsterdam straight to Hamburg so that’s gonna be really awesome and we’re gonna
do a little bit of Amsterdam sightseeing today as well and unfortunately Franz had to go home but I’m here with Thomas so we’re going to show you a
little bit of Amsterdam and we’re gonna go to the place that I really wanted to
go last time but I haven’t managed to but first breakfast okay guys we’re in Amsterdam and we’re going for stroopwafels what do you think about it? – Love it
– Great idea While in Amsterdam we decided to get stroopwaffles like big ones And they’re great! Oh yeah Are they good? thank you You know it used to be thing used
to be thing like yeah on YouTube Yeah so – this is carbonV for you a special message: please like subscribe and comment And tell it to your cat… the cat thingy Oh the red shoes high heels keep always
spinning for you

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