Dark Knight Rises Plane Hijack Scene : Hollywood vs Reality

Dark Knight Rises Plane Hijack Scene : Hollywood vs Reality

a couple weeks ago someone in the
74 crew left a comment on another hollywood vs reality video
asking if i could do the dark knight to the opening scene where some mercenaries
take over a plane in flight so here we go hey 74 crew welcome back if
you don’t know me my name is Kelsey I’m a 747 pilot my channel 74 gear is all
about aviation so whether you’re a pilot or an aviation enthusiast consider
subscribing I’ve been doing a Hollywood vs reality series where I’ve been
breaking down aviation scenes in different movies and when I looked at
this scene at first glance it seemed pretty short I thought it was gonna be
pretty easy but it’s actually really complex there’s a lot that’s happening
in here the scene was actually filmed in Scotland and the director Christopher
Nolan is actually really proud of it when I was looking up some stuff on the
video he’s actually really really proud of this so I’m going to try not to hurt
his feelings let’s get into it the flight plan I just filed with the
agency this me my man dr. Pavel here but only one of you stay on my aircraft ooh why does he wear the mask well perhaps she’s wondering why someone
would shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane at least you can talk who are you
it doesn’t matter who we are so first he’d mentioned that he filed a flight
plan but he only listed one of the three of them
the flight plan I just filed with the agency this me my man dr. Pavel here but
only one of you and the reason that matters is because every flight when we
go up in the air we list how many souls or how many people are aboard the
aircraft so essentially what he’s saying is that if he threw to those guys out
the plane it wouldn’t really matter because once they land the people that
are on the ground wouldn’t even think there was someone missing because they
only listed a certain number of people when they boarded the aircraft next
let’s talk about the aircraft they’re in they’re in an Embraer 110 it’s a much
older turboprop aircraft and if you aren’t familiar with what a turboprop is
I did a video about it a few weeks ago and it’s very exciting he said
sarcastically now I personally haven’t been on an
Embraer 110 but I have been on a lot of aircraft of similar size and there’s a
few things that are very Hollywood about this scene so far first the guys that
are standing up don’t look like they’re very small men yet they’re standing up
vertically like there’s a lot of space in most of these smaller turboprop
aircraft there’s not a lot of space to stand up now I’m only six foot tall but
I’ve been an aircraft about this size and you can’t usually stand up
vertically I would guess it’s somewhere maybe about five eight five nine
something like that someone about that height would be able to stand up but
these guys look like they’re six foot or bigger and they’re standing up like
there’s no problem like they’re in an Airbus or a Boeing next is the doors on
this aircraft it’s showing here that they’re opening them inward in most
aircraft the dough’s are opening outward for a few reasons but one in particular
is the limited amount of space inside the aircraft so the fact that they’re
opening this door inward that’s not very realistic next you’ll notice how flush
the aircraft door is most aircraft have places for pins or different things to
help secure the door in place because it’s gonna get pressurized so it’s not
something you’ll often see where it’s smooth and flush like it is in this
scene here especially on a smaller older turboprop aircraft finally and this is
just something of note the tail number of this aircraft starts with a zs that
in the kate’s that this plane is actually
registered in South Africa every country has a different letter or letters that
go on the front of each of their tails and that shows where they’re registered
at for example if you see a US aircraft it’s gonna start with an N this movie is
being filmed in Scotland so they start theirs with a G so different countries
have different numbers or letters that go in the front there which indicate
where that plane is actually registered so that was just something that I
noticed that caught my eye and something I wanted to share with you okay let’s
get back to the Dark Knight dr. Baba refused our offer in favor of
yours we had to find out what he told you I said nothing congratulations yourself sir step of
your master plan joshing this friend there are a few things that are kind of
strange in this scene first you see that the aircraft that’s coming in above them
is actually a c-130 that’s typically a military used aircraft what’s
interesting to note though is that the flaps are actually out on this aircraft
usually we only put our flaps out if we’re trying to go slow
those are helped to create lift on the aircraft when the aircraft is going
slower so if you’re trying to catch up to a plane or get ahead of it you
wouldn’t be flying with your flaps out because it limits the amount of speed
you’re able to carry now the c-130 goes about a hundred knots faster than an
Embraer 110 but either way you still wouldn’t be flying with your flaps out
and going slow especially when another aircraft is cruising they’re not trying
to go slow so why would you be going very slow that doesn’t make any sense
now you see the plane is actually over them and then the plane starts rocking
and creating some turbulence I think what they’re trying to simulate is
weight turbulence which is when you fly behind and below another aircraft’s path
the air from the wings actually gets turbulent so if you fly through that you
can hit a what’s called wake turbulence however wake turbulence is usually
descending from the wings when it comes off of the wings it usually descends
about 300 to 500 feet per minute so for the distance that they are and for the
height that they are there’s really no way that these guys are experiencing any
type of wake turbulence because they’re too high and really almost right on top
of the other aircraft the fact that they’re showing wake turbulence I think
is what they’re trying to simulate that’s not very realistic and I’m not
sure what the CIA’s protocol is for something like this because I’ve never
flown for them neither confirm nor deny that see how good I am
but if you’re flying high-risk passengers and then a c-130 pulls out
above you and then the door opens up I would think you’d be making some type of
a maneuver you wouldn’t just be looking at them going I wonder what they’re
doing all right let’s get back to the movie for no survivors all right well in a hypothetical
scenario where the c-130 starts climbing all that the pilots would have to do is
either speed up or climb a little bit and that maneuver would be irrelevant
now once the Embraer is actually pulled off of his axis and it has it like that
it’s actually gonna be probably operating laura’s like a kite than it is
showing there where the wings are ripping off now I have no idea what the
structural load is for an Embraer but I would imagine the wings would maybe Bend
but I obviously can’t imagine them ever snapping off but if they did snap off
fuel and other things would be coming out of the wings and there’s a bunch of
cables that are connected to the outside of the wings there so those would all be
attached so you’re not just gonna snap it off like a piece of wood and then the
day would just fly off that’s never gonna happen and the other thing to
remember is that the flaps are out on the c-130 so they’re not even going that
fast and yet they’re ripping the wings off of this Embraer so that doesn’t
really make sense I don’t know if that was done for filming purposes but in
real life in that hypothetical scenario if you’re going slow and dragging a
plane behind you like that it would be more acting like a kite than snapping
the wings off like that let’s get back to the movie now we talked about earlier the door on
this aircraft they have it opening inward so there’s no reason to blow the
tail off of the aircraft the plane is obviously already depressurize so you
would just be able to open the door and push it in and go inside the plane
so to blow it off that doesn’t make any sense and just like when I talked about
the wings that there are cables and things attached to it the same for the
tail you know to control the rudder and the different things the elevator there
are different cables that are running back there so if you were to blow it off
you would be having cables and stuff that would be flying around everywhere
doesn’t make any sense and another thing which doesn’t really
have anything to do with aviation but just I was wondering this guy has now
been hijacked and he’s laying on his back there and he hasn’t even pulled out
his gun until the guys come into the plane I don’t know why you wouldn’t just
have your gun out if you’re getting hijacked that doesn’t make any sense to
me all right let’s get the last scene calm down doctor now is not the time for
fear later I’m guessing at that point they just
reel him back into the plane and that is actually a thing that the military is
trained to do is to real people into an aircraft from externally that is
actually a real thing that happens all right seven floor crew that’s a quick
review of the dark knight that you requested now I have an entire series
that I’m doing where I’m breaking down these Hollywood verse reality videos if
you’re enjoying these make sure you hit the subscribe in the Bell notifications
so you know the next one when it comes out in the comment section below I want
you to let me know do you enjoy the genre of Superman and Batman
the superhero genre I look forward to hearing from you until then keep the
blue side up NYX usually aircraft doors open outward not inward because the
limited amount of airspace live an amount of airspace so for example zs is
south of south america

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  1. doesn't the tail letter g also refer to any aircraft from all over the united kingdom of great Britain? how would the pilot of the smaller plane have seen the larger aircraft as it obviously approached it from above and behind like in a dogfight? for that matter why would the pilot have even been looking when he was on a secret mission in a part of the world where there are very few planes in the air?  you nailed it on the cables though except you completely left out the fact that the parts of the aircraft that were torn or blown away would have most likely have ended up dangling off the fuselage making the stunt a WHOLE lot more dangerous. the same goes for the fuel tanks which would have possibly ignited. as to how the smaller plane just dropped when the larger one took up the slack, how do you know the hijackers didn't have the pilots either kill the engines or even just cut the throttles? yes there is a maneuver where someone is scooped up by an aircraft in flight and brought aboard from the ground, it is called project skyhook and was developed by the cia in the 60's. you should already know this unless you slept through the part of the second movie, the dark knight where bruce wayne uses that stunt to kidnap the Chinese financeer to take him back to gotham and tells you how it's done BEFORE he does it.  you call the larger aircraft a c-130, I believe it to actually have been the civilian variant which is actually designated the L-100. a similar stunt was also used in a james bond movie but it was a coast guard helicopter and a small Cessna, I believe possibly a 150. you may be a great pilot but it looks like you don't know much about a crash or you would have said something about how the wreckage would have been WAY too spread out to account for a simple crash as opposed to complete structural failure or even destruction of the aircraft in flight.

  2. Forgot to mention the drag on the C-130 created by the dangling Embraer… Totally impossible to cope with such force

  3. quite the same hijack was made in a James Bond movie (Licence to Kill, 1989) but this time it was a helicopter highjacking a plane!

  4. You missed one thing… How did they have devices that could attach to the skin of the aircraft, which is only about 1/8" thick, and support the entire aircraft while the force of the air was enough to rip the wings off? It would have just torn through that skin. Even attached to a stringer, it still wouldn't hold.

  5. Another great analysis. Not that I've seen any of these films because I'm not 11 but that's irrelevant. As you said, the plane dragging would be like a kite so I would guess that it would have been inverted and roughly 45 degrees… swinging in the wind and yes, if the wings ripped off it would have probably taken a big chunk out of the fuselage with it. Great video 🙂

  6. the small plane would go into a spin on suspension cables… it would eventually cause load problems on the 130
    super hero genre ….your my super hero pilot boy! lllooollll

  7. How about a video on the Alive plane crash. I believe that the movie was actually based on a true story. You can just skip over the whole cannibalism part!!

  8. There must be some kind of law that forbids hollywood to consult professional pilots when making aviation films.
    Can't explain it otherwise!

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    I know it is difficult "request" cause something around half of that series is about flying and mostly in fighters… sorry.

  12. I think the wings being ripping off due to the relative wind force the structures negatively and as this aircraft was not designed to withstand large negative loads the result was collapse. but I really found it very strange that there are no pieces of cables or attached piping left.

  13. Liked and Subscribed. However, this is NOT a debunking of this sequence. They did shoot it for real (or as real as they could have). Please do us all the courtesy and re-assess. This was one of the greatest stunts of all time.

  14. From the Movie Superman Returns theres a scene in which superman saves an airplane by catching it vertically from the nose and and then puts it down like its a wooden chunk. How realistic is that scene?

  15. I agree with you I was on a dash 8 q 400 and you have to crouch to fit past the overhead lockers to get into your seat I am 5 “11

  16. I would think that you could not support the weight of the plane by attaching cables to apparently random spots on the fuselage. Could you address that?

  17. sir i want you to investigate the movie title STEALTH. it also a military plane has a lot of Hypothetical action regarding aircrafts or military aircrafts.. thanks.

  18. in godzilla king of the monsters there is no way those fighter pilots would have flown so close to rodan. all rodan had to do was flap his wings and he knocked a bunch of jets out of the sky

  19. Really enjoy your insight and perspective on these flight related scenes in movies. Remember the Airport '77 movie (I think ) where Charlton Heston gets lowered into the cockpit of a Jumbo from a helicopter? That would be an interesting video. Great work man!

  20. Not only the 110 is ZA registered the C130 also looks like the one that used to ferry civilians from Military bases in Northern Namibia to Windhoek once a month During the border war because shops on the border were almost none existant

  21. I don't like the superhero stuff at all (I'm not American, so it isn't really coded in my DNA). What I do like very much though, is this series!

  22. I routinly look up tail numbers and found that the Embraer aircraft used in the dark Knight rises crashed in Batswana with no survivors

  23. I think the reason the flaps are down is probably because that shot was filmed from a helicopter so the planes had to match the choppers slower speed

  24. No doubt the OP is correct about the door, both in terms of how it opens, but also the lack of any detail around the edge. But don't go too far with this…..I know of some planes that have been modified for special purposes that have unconventional features or equipment details. While unlikely, it is conceivable that a special purpose aircraft could have an inward opening door, especially if not intended to be pressurized. As for doors with plain edges, some older planes had doors that in their complexity were almost exactly as shown here; for example some older prop passenger planes, WWII bombers, etc.

    However, I totally agree that this is a typical "Hollywood" blunder that gets repeated over and over in movies related to aviation and space travel. The guys making the movie props just fabricate them without any edge features, and nobody notices, so the scene looks unconvincing. You'd think there would be at least one nerd in the studio who would speak up and say, "Hey, the door looks fake because it has no more edge detail than a door in your house". And maybe sometimes somebody does point these things out, only to be told, "Yes, but few people are going to notice this in a scene lasting a few seconds, and it would cost another $50,000 to rework the door, and cause a 5 day delay while that happens, so we will just leave it as-is." Probably in many movies the props and sets designers already know all about this, but due to budget and schedule pressure, they have to weigh the costs against the value to the scene.

    I recall reading that in Apollo 13, for the brief scene where the astronauts are entering the command module just before the flight, and the door is being closed, originally they were going to just have a static mockup of the complex door latching mechanism. But then Dave Scott or some other technical adviser consulted with Ron Howard and they agreed that it would greatly increase the verisimilitude of the scene and the movie overall if they made the 'very cool' door mechanism work correctly, so they either borrowed a real door or fabricated one for that one scene, and I know that alone helped "make" the movie for many critics and viewers.

  25. Hey Kelsey, a video suggestion: What it takes to board a late passenger? Recently my mom got 5 min late to the gate with a corridor, the plane was connected to it for more than 20 minutes but they refused to let her in. What could the person at the gate do to let my mom board the plane? Thanks

  26. If you pay closer attention to the fuselage you'll see its a square section cabin (pretty much) whereas the people standing inside are in a cylindrical typical fuselage first mismatch. The second one also shows the door has large fillets (rounding of the corners) of the door aperture yet the outside shot of the aircraft doesn't. Well at least has a much smaller fillet suggests the inside shot is of a different aircraft.

  27. Kelsey, notice when the wings snap, the pieces slowly fly away, which indicates the airspeed isnt that high, however, those wings snapped off like they were facing 4-500 knots of wind…

  28. Interesting! The men left in the embraer probably died of heart attacks before it hit the ground. They also didn’t show the streak of shit wafting from it as it fell 🤣

  29. Good lord no. As a kid, I was bored stiff by comic books and their cartoon and real life TV shows and films. As a private pilot, I love your reviews. They're both smart and funny. But when the superhero genre lied fo me by telling me that Wonder Woman flew an F-104-ish airplane, I was stoked. So you can imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be "invisible." Oh come ON!

  30. If the FAA requires you to list home many souls are on board in your flight plan
    what happens if some of your passengers are soulless Vampires?
    Have you ever had an atheist request that he NOT be listed as a soul onboard?

  31. I am reading all these comments from all these "experts"… Center of mass, aerodynamic stability, center of gravity and whatnot.

    And all of you idiots failed to learn how to use google. You are dumb as my left sock.
    What you saw here is what happened in reality.

    Yes, C-130 DID ACTUALLY drag that small plane, yes wings DID ACTUALLY get ripped of from that pülane and yes- there is no major use of a fucking CGI in this section of a movie.

    Learn to think.

  32. What do you think about the twa flight 800 the ripped itself apart after taking off from Jfk in the 90’s. I personal thinks its the worst and most horrible deaths on and airplane crash.

  33. I'd sure like to know how the ramp of the C130 wasn't torn off from the weight of the plane plus drag. And wouldn't that completely unbalance the 130 and cause it to stall?

  34. I would like to suggest the movie 'Always' with John Goodman, Richard Dreyfus, Audrey Hepburn and Holly Hunter. It depicts the fictional adventures of water bomber pilots and the pilot school they try to form. Choose a scene. They're all good.

  35. Another thing, at the 9:30 mark, the guys hanging on the cables, are hanging straight down. Being attached to a place, you would be pushed backwards at an angle by the wind.

  36. Just devoured in 2 days all of the Hollywood vs reality. Great stuff. 2 words for you. Top Gun. Right. Its not a 747 film…ok…but you've got great perspective on aeronautical points…why not??

  37. Not a super hero fan, largely because of comic book quality disconnect to reality, Im not criticizing, just imho. Do peeps really think any plane would snap its wings or blow its tail off like a piece of ply wood? Hmmm. OK its Hollyweird for the masses. Thanks for you videos.

  38. Please react to The Fast and Furious 6 where they prevent the plane from taking off eventually crashing iy. My initial reaction is how long is that runway? But I'm interested in the drag using the cars.

    Please also react to The Fast and Furious 8 (The Fate of The Furious) where the Shaw brothers break into Ciphers plane.

  39. Favorite aviation movie: John Wayne's The High and the Mighty (1954). You asked for your fans to name their favorite. Really enjoying your movie reviews–the more technical, the better!

  40. Loving this series on Hollywood vs Reality. Would love to see some of the old Airport movies, especially Airport '77 and '75. Keep 'em coming!

  41. @74gear In this video, you say that most aircraft, the doors open outwards, but in the radio interview recently, you said most open inwad and so the pressurisation keeps them from being opened in flight.
    Could you please comment.

  42. The major problem with opening the door is that they would be lifting the weight of the door to open it.  I'm sure it's not that heavy but you're hanging by a rope from another plane…Just like the previous Batman movie where the caped crusader is going through the air in a safe (the weight alone of the safe would ground the helicopter) but Batman inside the safe uses a hearing aid to dial the combination of the door (from the inside).  Then, get ready for it, he opens that door upward.  That door which looks to be about a foot thick would weigh at least a 1000 lbs but Batman is not superpowered.  Did his friend Superman don the bat suit for this scene.  Just made me think of the overlooked science of doors.

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