22 thoughts on “Creating an Aerial Perspective with Drone Footage”

  1. Hola, muchísimas gracias por tu video!! Excelente.
    Por otra parte, tengo una duda y quisiera saber si me la pudieras resolver, porque al escribir aparecen las letras en la pantalla y que programa utilizas para eso?
    Muchas gracias y saludos desde Perú, éxitos.

  2. This looks really amazing..

    The only thing that looks a little off is the sun coming from 2 different angles. Other than that. Amazing job

  3. Excellent work man! Could you also consider making a video on architectural sheet/poster composition and techniques?

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  5. I wonder what the f*ck is thinking or waiting people un – like this video.!! the guy is basically giving us a tool for make money…what people want ? the money ? …great video ! thanks.!

  6. Your videos helped a lot. Do you how this guy did hi renderings? On page 2 to 7 https://issuu.com/o_0sborne/docs/j_y_osborne_portfolio_individual_vo

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