Crazy Cranford Cowboy rides a homemade battery-powered horse

I am about to introduce you to a man who
has galloped into the hearts of his neighbors. He’s the hero we didn’t know
we needed. Meet my new best friend, Steve Bacque, “the Crazy Cranford Cowboy.” So what do you do with an old Texas rodeo cowboy when he marries a Jersey girl, he’s up in
Jersey and he has no place to keep a horse in Cranford? You make a mechanical
horse. You make a mechanical horse, of course! This is my horse, Charger. He’s
electric. I plug him in and charge him up. We have four small batteries. It’s a golf
cart motor, chain-driven with wheelie bars. They’re not for show.
It will pop a wheelie. The world’s only fully robotic mechanical horse. I can’t keep a straight face. People think it’s just like really different, weird, unusual. They’ve never seen anything like
this before. Shockingly. And then they’re like it’s like me it’s weird,
different, unusual Just a girl on a mechanical horse,
nothing to see here, nothing unusual. Yeehaw! Every time I take it out, I create a
crowd. I stop traffic. You guys wanna race? I bet I can beat ya! People take pictures, take videos, honk their horns,
but I literally stopped traffic on Centennial Avenue. The police pulled me
over, I thought I was in trouble they wanted pictures of them on my horse. What did you think when you saw this? I thought it was hilarious. I just tried to bring the great American cowboy culture and trying to do the right thing to everyone all over the world, and teach people they can overcome
whatever disabilities and challenges that they have with hard work. They laugh at my expense. It’s all good. if I make, if I brighten up somebody’s day it’s all good. Steve, I absolutely love this. You are bringing joy, you’re bringing smiles. We can’t keep him to ourselves, we got to let him ride off into the sunset. Happy trails! Happy trails!

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