Craziest People In Airports And On Planes! #3

okay we bring those to the capital everything is that a bunch of idiots I’m
here yeah like my back like me and then I get too high they will wanted to get off the bottom I think because my questioning one that
will be I paint my whitener badge another one your vest
under right now before I move before I this is my medicine I will Monica this
is my purse they will not leave getting from carriers from Diagnostics 20 feet away
you give me 20 feet listen I’m a trained losses for myself move 20 feet out of my
face most when it came down my face you want
me off this plane get $23 I know me get out of my fingers get out of my face
get out of my failure here yeah how am I fake give me 20 foot why constitutional
writing I work in human I’d resent anything you give me 20 feet give me 20
give me 20 one I don’t want you to bring in and I want
you to set all those your hands on you our football team a because they cannot
walk I had a stroke I could not put my hands on are you twenty feet for me are
you 20 feet for me I had a stroke take your hands off me
then you Hank you take your hands off take your hands off I am 23 years old I didn’t I’m up I’ve been with the Sharma table No anyone here that’s honest tell me
officer what is the wait hey God put your heads and shoulders in
ladies Dumbo please mix bourbon am I wrong
I have my Bible please I might picture my lord look at this man I’m a family
guy brother trying to go out and support my wife the kids are starving to death
seriously what is inappropriate oh good morning
ladies and gentlemen welcome to London Heathrow we were just the passengers to
please remain seated at this time and we will have you on your way as soon as
possible thank you don’t push my fuck you man South America also this is the passing
gentleman casting Guillen Bolton ratatouille unfortunate deviation at the
jeopardy do you all you know something I just wanted
something I have a business I must you’re doing you’re trying to use your
power be sure nobody and you’re trying to Hey think you can take me think you
better shut the fuck up we should be required as we start
watching people and I can’t even give up we had nothing to do with it you need to
shut up old man you come up here and start some shit with me motherfucker
come on you
god you have surpassed me again you’ll get the same fucking thing they asked
you to let her no you you strange me and arranged me
yeah all right you know what no six each movie your old woman you
need to get arrested raped by Jules oh you’re not making any sense right
oh you’re I guess you are potato ma’am ma’am she’s a kook taurine that’s not
what my grandfather’s cheese scallion – you know what you just do it you just do
what you got to do babe yeah and you fucking Jews because you can’t eat game
down were you done maybe we should take down 62 year-old
women who are our fathers fought in a war that was unjustified by Jews well
you know what I hope I need to do that all right well maybe you should days
arise mean like you’re doing dull you don’t you tell what he feel that I want
the German people and the Stalin’s and everything he’s in that case but when
you don’t tell the truth both the Jews and the two banks and the two wars she’s
a child she’s just trying to make you fight until they choose to both the Jew
banks and the Jew wars final white poverty-stricken they’re kind of girls
yeah from Poland and everything you you Jews need to be a checkup
Oh oh poor Jews oh well do not represent yourself loan
because the rock told you it was just a pumpkin lover fresh air well maybe you should fiddle with 62
year old woman in jail fathers fought for the Jews maybe you should throw me
in jail my father fought abusing he was misrepresented blight yeah oh oh and
what he was for the Jews who are a rough chop off the plane and I’ll discuss it
with you know maybe i I can’t do that and I don’t take this
flight and shower you’re fucking the Royal American ass let’s just step off
the we’ll talk on the jet bridge so we can continue boarding the aircraft a year ago but this is where the Facebook should
snap often but it might be right there you see a little bit of fresh air George let’s take a little walk why don’t you crack yourself no no no
way you’re Gino dumb fucking doles your Jia won’t fucking get some help you gonna blame them

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