Coordinate plane: plot ordered pairs | Negative numbers | 6th grade | Khan Academy

Plot the ordered pair
6, comma negative 8 into the coordinate plane. So this is a coordinate
plane right over here. The horizontal axis
here, this is the x-axis. The vertical axis
here is the y-axis. And the convention, when we
get an ordered pair like this, is that the first coordinate
is the x-coordinate, and the second coordinate
is the y-coordinate. So they’re telling us that
we have an x-coordinate of 6. That means we count
up 6 on the x-axis. So let’s count up 1. I could even write it down–
1, and then we have 2. That’s right there. Then we have 3. Then we have 4. Then we have 5. And then we’ve moved
up 6 along the x-axis. We started at the
origin, at 0, 0. That’s the origin. And we moved 6 to the right. That’s this part
right over here. Now, our y-coordinate
is negative 8. That means we move down 8
in the vertical direction. So we can see it
right over here. So this right here, I’ll
just do that every two. So this is down 1. This right here is
negative 2, negative 3. This right here is negative
4, negative 5, negative 6, negative 7, negative 8. So we move to the right 6,
and then we move down 8. We move to the
right 6, and then we move down 1, 2, 3,
4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. And we are right over there. So that is the point
, 6 negative 8. You could also look
at it this way. The x-coordinate is 6. So you move 6 there. And so we’re going to be along
this line right over here. And then you can go, and then
the y-coordinate is negative 8. So you go down to negative 8. And you say, we’re going to
be along this line over here. And the place that they
intersect is this coordinate. The easiest way I’d
like to think of it, move 6 to the right,
move along the x-axis, and then move along in
the vertical direction along the y-axis. So you go down 8.

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