50 thoughts on “Colorado drone mystery causing problems at local airports”

  1. This is totally out of control. We do not want nor need to start WWlll. It could exterminate a tremendous number of human lives, mostly innocent people who is in need of caring and love. Not nuclear weapons. How sad will be when we look back and see the aftermath and regret. God be with us.

  2. Its ridiculous that this went on for more than a few hours and the government id claiming they don't know. So they don't want to do anything but they also don't want the citizens to do anything either, not even make an attempt to identify the drone. They say you can't shoot them unless they are a threat to you but if you cant even see if they are armed how would you know? The government is either lying or incompetent and people should be able to protect themselves if the need to.

  3. If a company were doing this they should have to file a report with the local authorities. Multiple drones flying in formation could pose a danger to other small aircraft.

  4. If a drone is flying above my property and me and my family feels threatened I'm shooting it down so somebody better get off their ass and do something

  5. I own a drone and sometimes fly at night. Never would I need to use a flashlight or laser to locate my drone, I just use my phone or the drones lights itself to find it in the sky.

  6. Dont matter…your cast says the people doing it dont care. He was more than bias on the situation and must have been on the ground and been followed harassed by this. When you say something you get trolled. I believe if you cant communicate with your community then they are in on it. Years of this I dont care to film proofs got plenty when liable parties are not saved by shadowing the genocide manipulation harassing me will be there for all to see. Problems are to be solved. Like the 9th street historic errors in auraria

  7. So the drones have satellite navigation, nite vision, and a range of dozens of mile LOL Thats not a fucking drone idiots

  8. The FAA is loving this. The longer it goes on…the longer the public will buy into the new "just released" FAA proposal. Effectively destroying the RC Flying Hobby in the US.
    Now for almost a MONTH, "mysteriously" the FAA, Military, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, FBI, etc..is powerless against these drones. Someone steals a car in LA and there's 3 News/Police choppers chasing a Honda..Live..on TV..at Night.
    I used to live in Colorado there are plenty of Police and News choppers that could fly out at night with IR cameras and track these drones and 9 times out of 10 that's exactly what they would do. Someone told them to stay away…otherwise they would know who's behind this in just a few days. So in many ways, this is an artificial "mystery" the real question is why.
    As the old saying goes…"I was born at night…but not last night"

  9. Could these cover-ups be any more obvious nowadays. I mean really though guys. How many airplanes fly around without making any noise

  10. They forgot to mention it's also illegal to fly a drone at night. This is the third news video that says "Don't shoot them down!" But only one says they have no business flying in our night skies. So obviously something is up that they don't want to tell the public. They want to comfort us by showing us the news is paying attention to our concerns however no answers whatsoever… Hmmm… Ya know.. having to Register anything with government just seems like a huge violation of rights… An awfully nosey government that controls us huh? Wait … Aren't we supposed to control the government? Let's let the government make some more laws against us! 😃🤯

  11. It's most likely someone with a grant to study swarm logic in autonomous vehicles, who has filed all the correct paperwork and is to busy to care what news story is going on. And it could easily be local farmers assessing drone tech for tracking stock, or someone contracted study insect, bird or nocturnal animals, or someone testing a new product to be hired out for search and rescue.

  12. These drones are not controlled by our government. They are controlled by foreign agents within our country I bet, shoring up their intel for future strikes. Turn off all cell coverage in the area

  13. @UCOFjPKuANKHSNqm0Oq6WYZQ Maybe, all the people i saw said they were silent tho. Still i dont what people think drones are capable of but the ones described and how many there were and such. Remember yes drones can in a group connected by signals to fly together and do amazing maneuvers however those drones can only fly for 20 mins or so. The combination of so many different abilities is not really anything a standard or home made drone is capable of and why so much resources devoted to what end?

  14. @UCOFjPKuANKHSNqm0Oq6WYZQ Maybe, all the people i saw said they were silent tho. Still i dont what people think drones are capable of but the ones described and how many there were and such. Remember yes drones can in a group connected by signals to fly together and do amazing maneuvers however those drones can only fly for 20 mins or so. The combination of so many different abilities is not really anything a standard or home made drone is capable of and why so much resources devoted to what end?

  15. Idiots, don't shoot them down, you paid for them. 6 footers, flying in formation, not trying to be real sneaky, not trying to me the main show. "nobody knows" means we don't know, not they don't know. Yep their ours, we bought them, don't shoot the down for fuck sake, or we will have to buy more of them. Want to know what's up? shoot one of them fuckers down, You'll know real quick, we will still be in the dark, want to know? Drop one You'll know, you'll know real quick, and you'll wish you never ask that question. Think I'm paranoid? Good. Wonder if I'm right? Shoot one.

  16. same unusual drones had been seen in iran last night I heard in Belgium national news. THEy promised to take a hard revenge from trump.

  17. It's high time the people involved in Contract Stalking at the lower levels that want to think they're stalking and harassing terrorists and other criminals realize that they are taking part in an evil and illegal program to attack normal innocent Americans even children . They will be next and they are helping the very people/programs who will come for them AND their children. Check rlighthouse.com or ffti.org or targetedjustice.com

  18. Don't care about Federal offenses, if my family feels threatened, and nobodys doing anything, I will help myself, thats the American way.

  19. its just a scam to support the new regulations that companies want proposed to kill the hobbyist. nobody searched for drones with lazers, no one!!!
    this is crazy

  20. They are obviously searching for some type of crash site. UFO.
    Experimental military air craft. Whatever. Started in Colorado and
    working in a trajectory into Nebraska. 460 Space Wing Buckley Colorado.

  21. Rc pilots all know its under 400 feet, away from flight paths and away from homes.. This is a stunt to take the airspace away from rc hobby pilots and give it to socialist corps.. Typical corrupt scumbags spinning bs to take even more away from us..

  22. So we don't know what these things are, yet they're being called drones, and no officials can just fly something up there to take it down or identify it, even though it's apparently illegal activity, and they don't want laypeople trying to identify them either because they may hurt somebody? What the actual eff is really going on?

  23. Well if someone does shoot one down set up a camera nearby and hide to see who comes to retrieve it. Cameras especially thermal cameras do not make out facial features in the dark..

  24. Who really believes that these are drones? I guess they have to call them something to divert from what they really are!

  25. Its the fault of the stupid ass regulators for allowing drons to begin with…..this whole thing STINKS, somebody isnt talking.

  26. Get use to it America. Companies are pushing to make deliveries by UAS. Unmanned aerial systems. It's estimated that Amazon alone makes 1.6 million deliveries per day. Assuming that's a global number lets say only 500,00? of those deliveries are here in the US. Of those 500,00 thousand deliveries lets say only 100,00 thousand? of them can be delivered by a UAS system. That's roughly 2,000 deliveries per state per day not including Alaska and Hawaii. If that many UAS's flying over your property on a daily bases bother you please check out https://www.modelaircraft.org/about-ama/advocacy.

  27. You see this…if it’s seriously causing aircraft problems that’s illegal…shoot them down? No, that’s illegal. These are operated by the Federal Gov who is denying it…obviously looking for something that can only be seen in the dark…because that is where danger perks.


  29. well if the F.B.I. and F.a.a. don't know what they are then hey their U.F.O.s! that's why they rather not say anything. because it's something they have no control over. Don't say anything and it don't exsist. Drones? how difficult is it to identify? and one would think it would be easy to find the controllers, and since authority after all this time STILL in a daze about it and it sort of makes you wonder how safe you are when people that SHOULD KNOW are confused and say ah dunno! WOW!

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