CLOWN RUN OVER Clown Sighting (Original Video)

Okay, what the f**k No this is not f**king happening Dude what the WHAT THE WHAT THE F**K YO YO YO YO THIS IS NOT F**KING REAL OHHHHHHH SHIIIIIIIIIIT Stop STOP STOP WHAT ARE YOU DOING GO- GO THE OTHER WAY -MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP STOP -THE F**K LOCK YOUR DOORS -MY GOD Stop STOP F**KING DRIVE YO YO! OHH OH SH*T OH MY GOD *scream* F**K STOP OH SH*T OH F**K OH MY GOD -YOU’RE GONNA RUN OVER HIM DUDE SH*T -MY GOD OHH TURN SH*T TURN F**K F**K F**K OH MY GOD SH*T LOCK YOUR F**KING DOORS DID YOU RUN OVER HIM? WHAT THE F**K OH MY- YOU RAN OVER HIM DUDE WE- THE CAR RAN OVER HIM Dude I think I f**king broke his leg or something WAIT WE HAVE TO LOOK BACK YO GO BACK lock that sh*t GO BACK! wait look I have to go back LOOK LOOK LOOK go back i think f**king like, paralyzed the guy -GOD OH MY F**KING GOD Yo that sh*t’s turn turn oh my f**king god what if there’s more? yooo that was f**king scary as sh*t what’s your name? wait HOW His name’s Jacob HOW DID THIS HAPPEN Like I did never expected this to happen to me our friend told us that there was one out here really? so we kind of came looking and we weren’t gonna tell you no Blake is a f**king savage though OH NOO NOOO I was so scared when you got out of the car oh my god! that’s the clown no! the clowns right there WE HIT IT OHHHH SH*T HE’S RUNNING AFTER US HIT IT HIT THAT BITCH HIT THAT H- AHHHH *scream* *screaming* OHHHHH SHIIIT OHHHH OH MY GOD DUDE HE’S ON THE CAR F**K F**K F**K OH SH*T OHH -THE CLOWN OH MY GOD AHHHHHHHH GO FAST! GO FAST GO F**KING F-

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