CHALLENGE: can I fly my drone 8 km to my holiday house and land it on the terrace?

CHALLENGE: can I fly my drone 8 km to my holiday house and land it on the terrace?

I’m at the same spot again from where I successfully connected to the Phantom out there on the terrace of my holiday home I launched it I landed it after that I thought I can’t fly over there I tried that from over that spot and I did not succeed after one and a half kilometers I already lost my signal and it wanted to return home and I don’t know exactly what the reason is it might be either trees out there or it might be maybe the atmosphere that there was a lot of moist in the air more than there is now but also because of this big antenna maybe that interferes and I’ve been thinking I might have been flying too high that time and I want to retry it because I successfully connected from here and it means I have to be able to fly it over there too now I’m like okay I might lose signal two or three times and even be able to get out there so I will let it go up get the signal back move on I will try again I have investigated the areas in between where I can possibly land if I don’t have enough battery to get to my house and the worst case I lose my phantom if it if it drops in a in a canyon so it’s nice out here sun is shining nice very clear and I want to do it I’m gonna launch [Music] all right there we go set the camera down a little bit like this and one thing I want to do is I want to descend much quicker than I did on the other day [Music] so I might stay under the antenna you know what I mean [Music] so I will fly a little bit more to the left this is right in the direction of my house [Music] as well as to the closest why emergency landing zone [Music] I feel like it’s going a little bit better than last time but I’m still at 750 meters and that’s halfway where the trouble came the other day don’t want to descend too fast [Music] [Music] all right so one kilometers 91% which is very good [Music] over to the left [Music] keep on track [Music] I’ve looked on Google Earth how my village looks like from this direction and and where my house is compared to that and so I exactly know where my village is and where my house is and there are like three green zones in that village and I have to have the first one and at the end of that zone there is my house and my Terrace so I’m almost exactly flying there I have to go a little bit to the right if it wants to obey me yeah like that all right very good I’m not too low and not too high I want to keep this line because I feel like it’s the perfect line and I’m at two plus kilometers and at 85% wow that’s very good if it continues like this I’m easily gonna make it I’m a little bit nervous my heart rate is up but thinks looks look good right now go a little bit to the left you know like this okay the first emergency landing zone is in sight we have it in full view the horizon is not exactly straight bar that is not something I’m gonna bother about right now I want to go down more I feel like I’m too I I’m too high go down go down go down and a single got bad I got one red bar I got two red bars I’m pointing my transmitter in the right direction all right then I want to go a little bit to the right to keep on track it might be a little bit too low I might have to stand up maybe I think it is all right again now I have four bars so I’ll just continue like this two bars that’s not good this is four bars maybe I have to keep pointing into this direction it can be that my body is a little bit off the right angle now I turned a little bit to the right and it got better two bars now I do not want to descend too quickly no I have to cancel this cancel all right what happened I’m still flying on but not descending anymore okay so that was the one of the things that I knew would happen it will say at one point battery is too low and I have to I had to cancel that which I did successfully now I’m losing signal I got it back I got three now four don’t I got one the signal is bad I’m not going to descend now oh I’m pointing into the wrong direction now I got c4 again I put my goggles off just to see where I’m going alright that was a little bit sneaky but I’m still going I want to descend more now but not too much I know that this area is a lot lower if I go too low I will lose signal because then there will be mounted this in between so oh we just have another look like this I should be directing it like this it might be tricky to land on the terrace go down I definitely get more bad signal into that at lost signal it got it back I’m at almost six Columbus and occasionally it looks like the signal is gone and then it comes back again and then it is good again but if it’s like this I I can make it I think I might want to descend more now I’m over six kilometers now you can see my house already it’s about in the middle now the signal got bad and now it’s very good again I’m in a half battery it’s a lot more then I would have thought it gives me a lot of opportunity to land on the terrace signal is bad it’s like yeah it’s still on it’s jumping a little bit over here I can see the brown zone before the house have a look where I’m pointing so in the worst case I’m going to land over there fifty percent battery level still have to descend quite some and I’ve I have to go another almost another kilometer say no it’s bad swallow fly straight without descending yeah still but I can see the terrace it’s in the middle of my screen I hope I get the signal back I get it back now I think I’m almost yeah I’m all I’m right above my terrace like this I have to position it quite precise in order to really land it there I might lose signal [Music] so all right this is exactly above I’m going to descend I have to go oh not not like that it’s having trouble with the signal I have to go a little bit to the right come on I want my signal back oh alright I got the signal back alright I’m going to position it exactly no please i want my signal back yeah a little bit for descend more descend more a little bit forward over to that a little bit too right like this is going very well yeah I did it I did it I landed eight kilometres away from here from up the mountain all the way all my terrors huh basically without a problem without any problem I the signal was down a couple of times you know but not really bad it was a good flight wow that’s just I’m I yeah yeah that’s just great man that was just awesome I’m very happy that I did this that I not got scared away late I’m gonna zoom in to the Saracen off you can definitely not see a phantom you can see my house without a year [Music] look at the smile on my face man and you know with 40 percent battery life it feels like I could have been fine even though up further like 10 or so I set myself a challenge and I succeeded and I hope you all liked the video give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel because there should be more of it on uh which is so I do think the key to why I was able to succeed was I had to be on this location and not over there and flying lower I think that helped too and I also think probably atmosphere because there’s not so much moist in here I think all three contributed to the success of this and I’m so happy I just did not quit man [Music] see this that’s a motto for life now give up there’s always hope there’s always a door is always opportunity just don’t give up and like if this road is a dead-end and try it from a different direction

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  1. I got a kick out of watching this, the tense ending reminded me of the Apollo 11 landing. But I did think you should have flown in Atti mode, you would have got there a lot quicker. Anyhow congrats!

  2. Hey bro please teach me how I make a drone at home like as your drone with same height can fly

  3. Good effort, next can you try following a train/bus journey or something like that??? Brilliant flight

  4. Nice 👍 video. I love and enjoy your videos Sir. Nicely done. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯. Good job. You are an amazing pilot. Good job. I just subscribe to your channel and would appreciate if you subscribe to my YouTube channel as well.
    Thanks for all you do and please keep flying.

  5. Man you have real balls for attempting to continue on such weak signal. I stressed for your sake. I crashed my 1st. Have my 2nd Phantom 4 Pro. That landing could've gone wrong …

  6. Well done my friend, I was as happy as you were you landed the drone. Thanks for sharing this with us. Never give up!!

  7. Wow peter that was awesome! True feeling of exhilaration when you lost signal trying to land. You’ve inspired me to save up for a DJI now, and I just wanted to say to not stop what you’re doing. You’re inspiring a lot of people, including myself. Keep it up! This was really cool.

  8. First time i see this video and it was awesome. NASA needs a man like you to land probes in other planets 🚀🌏

  9. Your issue was because you tried to fly your altitude negative. You should have flown at 100ft until you got to the distance then lowered it

  10. wow… that challenge was breathtaking… I loved every second of it…. wow do some more awesome challenges… hi from the UK… that was totally Awesome thanks for posting

  11. You are totally irresponsible. You have broken so many regulations it’s difficult to count them. It’s little wonder every jurisdiction is placing onerous restrictions on UAV flights making it almost impossible for responsible hobbyists to fly legally. Having said that, impressive flying.

  12. Hello from Norway. Awesome flight and video ! You where so calm, sitting down and not standing up, to try getting a stronger signal. Did you use any signal amplifier or parabolic direction help, or was it all original DJI antenna? Your video is very good, thank you for putting it up on YouTube, so we all can watch.

  13. Imagine flying ALL that way and being 10 feet up from landing and it returns to home!? Omg! This was awesome, awe inspiring, fantastic, ingenious of you Peter!! Great Balls Of Fire! 👍😎🇺🇸

  14. High gigahertz frequencies propagate upward and not outward as much as you need for going from a high altitude ground spot to a lower altitude valley spot. That’s why you are getting a lot of cut out. But you did pretty good all things considered

  15. What you did wrong ist that on the end of the video you are sitting 8 km away from home on top of a mountain while your drone is at home. It should be the other way around! Haha! But good job!

  16. You're an animal.

    I mean your video wheree you beached it was dumb for sure, if you were a better pilot you could have avoided what happened. Still, you didnt lose it.

    This is CRAZY.

    No mods, like antenna mods?

  17. Very nice video 📹… The ending leaves a person on the edge of their seat 💺. Then makes a person jump up & celebrate 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 with you. It feels like we're in the cockpit of a ✈ airplane.

  18. In the U.S. the FAA requires you to keep a line of sight at all times. Obviously in whatever country this guy is in they don’t have drone flight regulations. Glad he didn’t lose control and crash into someone on the ground. That would have been a nice lawsuit. Nice balls for flying so far, maybe not the smartest thing to do but I give you props for pulling it off.

  19. very crazy you kkkkkkkk I'm starting now with drone …. then I see these crazy videos ….. I'm already seeing, me with my old and humble drone doing these crazy things. very good

  20. I like your videos but anyway . Im spanish …the Guardia Civil corps got a team to surveil this Kind of videos in platforms like this and even with all thoses cautions you taken . They dont hesitate to pursuit to you if they wanted…

  21. I bet that drive back to your terrace was very comforting knowing your phantom was safely at your terrace waiting for you to arrive.

  22. Before people talked with wives, kids, locals on vacation…
    Now they play with toys in complete disregard of world around them…

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