CGR Undertow – DISNEY’S PLANES review for Nintendo Wii U

CGR Undertow – DISNEY’S PLANES review for Nintendo Wii U

Don�t be a wise guy. Don�t say, �Oh, look at this!
More crap for the Wii U.� The thing is this is actually a good thing for the Wii U. I
mean, think about it. People look for games like this…games about crap they recognize.
This stuff sells. So as much as the Wii U needs good games, it also needs…these games. Helps when they�re actually kind of decent. So Disney�s Planes landed on my desk earlier
this week. Actually, two of them�both the Wii U and 3DS versions. It�s also available
for the original DS and the Wii, but that�s it. Planes is exclusive to Nintendo platforms,
an interesting trend more licensed games seem to be following. And again, it�s actually
not bad, but…I mean, there are only two console versions. The Wii and Wii U. So you�d
expect this version, the one for the current platform, to be the version, right? Or at
least to get the effort. Some nice graphics, some interesting GamePad
use…then you water it down for the older system, right? I mean, you don�t just…upscale
the Wii version for Wii U, right? Or maybe you do. Actually, when the Wii is outselling the Wii
U, that�s exactly what you do. So listen, I�m going to say plenty of nice
things about this game, but before we get to that, it is disappointing to play a game
with one HD version�the Wii U version�and to see that…it didn�t seem to be the focus
of development. Remember when the Wii was getting all those slightly better looking
PS2 games? Well, guys, here�s a slightly upscaled Wii game for your Wii U. You know, just to make you feel at home. All that aside, though…Planes is actually
a pretty decent movie game. I mean, I�m always saying that �decent movie game�
is a relative term, which is again true. As a standalone original game, this would be
forgettable. As a game based on a film, it�s really not that bad. You could do a lot worse
than Planes on the Wii U…and even without much specific focus, this is still the better
game. So what is the game? Well, it�s basically
Pilotwings for kids. You get to play as several characters from the movie, and each one has
their own set of missions…spread across ten different locations. And the missions
all fall into certain categories. There are ones where you�re smashing things, like
dams or piles of snow. You also have some straightforward races, with lots of rings
and…Pilotwings things. You even have to take pictures. How Pilotwings
is that? So that�s the so-called story mode, but…there�s
also a free flight mode, which is also very Pilotwings, as well as standalone racing and
balloon-popping modes. So there�s actually a lot of different modes here, but the problem
is…they�re all very short, and even more shallow. So don�t expect anything that�ll
hold your interest. These are definitely kid-focused games, in terms of both their simplicity and
depth. Fortunately, they all play great. That�s
the one thing Planes does really well. The controls are super tight and responsive. You
steer with the left stick, and you can do barrel rolls and things like that with the
right. Simple, perfect, really fun to play. I just wish there were some GamePad use here.
I mean, it does support off-TV play, which is always a useful feature. But beyond that? Nothing interesting at all, and that�s always
a disappointment. Disney�s Planes sets out to be nothing more
than a really solid kids game. And it does that better than you might expect. Again,
it�s like a licensed version of Pilotwings for the younger pilots, with multiplayer.
That�s awesome. But if you expect more from what is really the only HD version of a game…Planes
doesn�t have it. It�s a good kids game, but nothing more.

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  1. it's not developed by them, and kids games are in all platforms. I've never quite understood that stigma, most of those games are just shovelware anyway. But hey, kids do need games, so it's all good as long as there's good games around.

  2. Nintendo is known for making "family consoles." Kids are part of the family, so they make it. Plus, they have other kids games like Pokemon, Yugioh, and others just to name a few. Games that are made based on movies or TV shows, especially ones meant for kids, won't be the greatest games in the world. Sadly, this game is one of them.

  3. I wonder if Planes 2 will come out next, then Boats 1 & 2 seems to be the next thing. It's the basic format.

  4. And it gets annnnnn "okay".

    Well I guess all the hate on the trailer in Nintendo's channel is irrelevant now.

    On the other hand, I would buy the soundtrack for this game.

  5. Yeah, but what about the hardcore nintendo fans who want a break from all the Mario and Zelda stuff :/
    Where is my goddamn metroid? Where are the 3rd party games aside from kids games?

  6. So this game failed, but what about the movie? Eh it probably failed to, but probably is getting a lot of money.

  7. Have to agree with this review, it actually isn't a bad game. It won't impress nor will you hate it. It has enjoyable moments for Flying game fans.

  8. Well Resident Evil Revelations and Lego City Undercover are keeping me busy. Rayman Legends and Wonderful 101 come out next month. Sonic Lost Worlds, Assassin's Creed IV and Watchdogs come out before the end of the year. No complaints here. First Party Nintendo also looks good. Granted I do want a Metroid, but that one will have to wait for now.

  9. i totally agree with you. the wii u needs games. any games. even if these types of games are mediocre at best, it's nice to see that the console still has some support. that can't hurt.

  10. Exactly. …now, the question remains, just what can we do to rid this world of the mindless adolescent dribble which comes from those insatiable complainer-types?

  11. I know and I like Derek's reviews, but I just thought reviewing a major Nintendo release first would be smarter. I mean come on you look up Wii U reviews and you see this instead of a major release is kind of giving the impression Wii U is only for kids, just like many people think the Wii is. But there are many great game out for Wii that people have missed because of these kind of reviews.

  12. But Smash Bros. is a Nintendo game and this isn't. It also uses aspects directly taken from a Pilot Wings game. This doesn't.

    It's like saying Yoshi's Safari isn't a Mario game because the gameplay is different. Kinda. But (I hope) you get the point.

  13. @jwduczp yeah thats what everyones been saying also! dude ive been wasting my time with this game all day have a look its tight =>

  14. It's funny how disny channel has that get your game on thing and they reviewed this. Saying oh this is so fun. And the reviewer isn't even a real one! God sometimes like with that Micky mouse game that got a 4 out of 10 they need to give a honest opinion.

  15. A basic, rudimentary collect-a-thon, a poor man's Wii Sports Resort? Really? Am I the only one who remembers Afterburner? Add in the usual heavy dose of Hollywood Envy (today's videogame developers seem embarrassed to be making videogames, instead of movies)…snooze. "Kids Game" is a cheap excuse for a crappy product. When I was a kid, we had actual videogames…like Afterburner! Hey, how 'bout that?

  16. its rare to see a decent "disney movie turned into a game",its not because its on wii u, just look at tangled, wall-e, or even the most recent games.

  17. I basically ignored a lot of the Disney stuff on the Wii U as many Disney games nowadays are exclusively catered to the pre-school segment, so this one sailed right past me. Might have to have a look (my Wii U collection is otherwise pretty complete).

  18. I played the PC version cause I wanted it for some reason. Maybe I wanted a new flight sim and while it had controller support, it lacked joystick support. It became a boredom Buster but soon deleted

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