– [Holly] Is that the shadow? Oh my gosh , it’s there,
it’s there, It’s right there! There’s nowhere for me to go. Okay, I don’t know what to do. Wait a second. It’s leaving. I swear it just saw me. Oh, it’s fading. Oh my gosh, what is, I have
no idea what this means. Okay, the drone like lowered down. I saw it. And the it just like flew away. I don’t understand. I feel like I need to get
out of this drain though. It’s starting to get a
little bit claustrophobic. Okay, I made it out the
storm drain and I’m hiding in a tree but I’m really,
really close to my apartment and it’s just on the
other side on this field. Not even that far, I just need to get over on the other side of this field. I live like two blocks that way. I can totally make it. Okay, I’m gonna run for it. Oh no, I think I can here it. Oh no, there it is! What do I do? Oh no, it’s coming right for me! (drone engine revving) (clinks) I think I hit it. I can’t see it anymore
and I can’t here it. Okay, I’m pretty sure it went
down somewhere over there. – Hello buddies in internet. It’s Kawaii Kunicorn. Hi, buddies, you guys are
watching Kawaii Kunicorn. So about and hour ago, I spotted
a drone flying around here and I’m pretty sure that
it belongs to the hacker. So, I was like pretty sure
that the drone was chasing me. So, I was like hiding from it
and trying to get away from it but then it came like really close to me so I threw a stick at it and then I think it went down somewhere over there. So, I think this means that
there’s a very good possibility that the hacker is somewhere near by so I’m gonna call my
boyfriend and we’re gonna look for this drone together. Hey, hey! It’s me. Okay, so, I’m pretty sure
that a drone was chasing me. It was really, really weird
but I got away from it. And, I threw a stick at
it, and I think I hit it, and I need your help to find it. Can you come down here? Okay, sweet. Okay. Okay, I’ll see you soon. Bye! I’m gonna wait for Timo to get down here. Give this video a thumbs up if you want us to go look for this drone. Okay, I wanna check over here
first because I’m pretty sure that that’s the direction
that the drone was heading in. So, basically what happened was the drone was like flying towards me
and I picked up a little stick and I threw it at it. And, I think I, maybe like, hit it and knocked it off balance
because it headed off towards the tree line. And then, I heard the motor stopped. So, I feel, like maybe, it
crashed somewhere over here. Okay, this is so cool. I’m pretty sure that this is
the area that the drown is in. Comment down below if you think this drown actually belongs to the hacker. Okay, I don’t see it anywhere around here but we also make sure that
we’re looking up in the trees because it could have crashed in a tree. If you guys see anything in the frame that maybe I’m missing, let me know in the comments section
if you see anything out of the ordinary. I can hear the super faint beeping noise. It might be a noise that the drone makes when the drones gone down or
some sort of problem with it. So, we’re gonna follow this noise. It might be over here. Okay, I think the beeping
is getting louder. Okay, come on, let’s go this way. Can you guys here that? I swear it’s getting louder. It’s gotta be here somewhere. Can you see anything up in this tree? – [Timo] Can here it
around here somewhere. I just don’t know where it is. It’s somewhere here. – Okay, the beeping’s
definitely getting louder but I feel like we’re in the wrong place. It definitely sounds like it’s somewhere. Okay, let’s check this tree. Do you think it’s getting louder? – [Timo] Yeah, it’s getting louder. – Okay, I think this is the tree. Let’s have a closer look. – [Timo] Oh, whoa, I think I see a light. – Oh my gosh! There it is! There it is! There it is! This is so cool! Oh my gosh, it’s right there! (beeping sound) – [Timo] Hey, it’s flashing. – [Holly] That’s so cool! Okay, it’s still working,
we have to get it down. You, stay down here. I’m gonna try to climb
up there and get it. (beeping sound) Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh! I think I can reach it! Okay. No way! We’ve got it! Oh my gosh, this is so cool! Okay, look there’s a camera
on the front of this. This is totally could be how
the hacker was tracking me with this drone. Okay, I can’t believe it’s still on. I wonder what we can do with it. I’m like pretty sure that
this belongs to the hacker. I wanna know if there’s a way
that we can use this drone to try to find out if they’re nearby. Like, these usually have
like a kilometer radius so they could be close by. They could actually be pretty far away, but, like we have to try. Timo, do you think there’s a
way we can actually use this to find where the hacker is? – [Timo] I don’t know, but
maybe, I think most drones have like a home function. – Okay, good idea. Let’s Google it. Okay, so apparently, this kind of drone when you start flying it,
it like marks the place where it begins. So, we might be able to send it home and then actually find out where the hacker is standing right now. Okay, apparently, I need
to download the DJI app. And then, there’s a code that’s
actually inside the drone and we can use that code
to attach one of our phones to the drone and then I
think we can send it home. Okay, this is so exciting. Apparently, the code is inside
of where the battery is. Okay, this has to be it. I just finished downloading the app on to my boyfriend’s phone
and I put in the password. There is a home button here. So, apparently that means that
if I press this home button the drone will fly to the
last place that it took off. This is so exciting! Timo, I feel like we should
move away from this tree because we don’t want it to get stuck. So, let’s head up here
where there’s less trees. Alright, this seems like a good place to try to take this drone off and it looks like it’s still on. Everything seems to be working. So, let’s go! Okay, if you think this
is actually gonna work give this video a thumbs up. I’m gonna press the home button and see where the drone goes. Alright, let’s see if this works. Oh, no way. Oh my gosh, it’s starting! (drone engine revving) (suspense music) You know it’s so cool! It’s showing it on the phone. Okay, so the phone has actually connected to the drone camera. I think this means that
we’re gonna be able to see what the drone, I
can see what the drone sees. Oh my gosh, this is so cool. Look, okay, so if this
is heading for the hacker and we can actually see what’s
happening on the screen, we might actually be
able to see the hacker. Okay, I don’t see anything yet but the drone definitely seems
to know where it’s going. It’s kind of headed out of sight now. But luckily, we can still
see it on the camera. (upbeat electro music) This is so cool! Okay, it’s going way further
than I thought it would. It looks like it’s gone
like a couple hundred meters over this way. I recognize that pond. Alright, I think I know where it is. (upbeat electro music) No way. Okay, okay! The drone has spotted a
person I can see a person, that’s really small person right now. I’m pretty sure that this is the hacker. Oh my gosh, they’re wearing the mask. I can’t believe this. Okay, the drone is slowing down. The drone’s heading right for,
this has to be the hacker. Okay, they’re just standing there though. What are they gonna do? The drone’s just like hovering above them. Oh my gosh, they’re controlling
the drone with their hands. I didn’t even know you can do that. This is so crazy, I think
the drone’s landing. It’s gonna land. Did you see, did you see her hair? I think the hacker is a woman? (suspense music) No way. Okay. The drone’s landed. What are they gonna do? I don’t think that she knows
that I’m controlling the, oh my gosh! Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, okay, we need to go find her. Okay, the camera went offline
but I’m sure that she’s nearby so we need to try to figure
out if we can find her. I think we’re gonna head this way. Okay, I’m not sure if
I’m going the right way but I’m next to the pond. I’m pretty sure this is the pond that the drone flew next to. I haven’t seen anyone yet though, but, it’s like they could
have taken off the mask. I think I see someone. Oh my gosh, they’re over there! Oh my gosh, she just ran in to the bush. Okay, Timo, you stay here
in case she comes out. I’m gonna head in this way, okay? Stay there. Okay. Oh my gosh, where did she go? Okay, I don’t know if I’m gonna
be able to find her in here. This is crazy, where did she go? Oh my gosh, what is going on? Okay, where does this lead to? Okay, I have no idea where she went. Maybe this is like her
hideout or something. Alright, she can’t have gone that far. We are going to find her once and for all. Although, I think she’s gone. Alright, I don’t know actually
how much of a chance we have of catching her but we should
definitely check the areas, see if there are any more clues. She might have dropped something. She might have left us another clue. Let’s figure out what’s going on here. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, look! Okay, I think I see something. – [Holly] Oh my gosh, okay,
is this our next clue? Okay, it totally looks
like another riddle! Let’s get this off here. Okay, okay, this is so cool. We’ve got another clue and
looks like another riddle. Like some of the ones we found earlier. Alright, so it says, “Your followers think that he’s at fault. But, this train of thought I wish to halt. I’m the one you should focus on. I’m the master of this con. So play a prank on this subject. To prove that he is no suspect.” Who is, who are they talking about? Even though we didn’t
catch the hacker today, we still have video footage of them which I think is a huge step forward. So, I think the next thing we have to do is start comparing the
suspect to that video footage and see if we can recognize them. So, if you guys recognize
who the hacker is, if you have any idea who they might be, let me know in the comment section. If we work together, I am so sure that we can figure this out. Just wanna give a quick shout
out to some of the people who commented super
early on my last video. If you want a chance to get a shout out, make sure that you’re
subscribed to my channel. Hit the bell to get notifications
and leave me a comment as soon as you can. (drum and bass music)

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