Blackberry KeyONE Teardown – and GIVEAWAY!!

The Blackberry KeyOne is the first smartphone
ever to remove itself from my Shelf of Shame. The Shelf of Shame is a spot for smartphones
that have failed my durability tests. BlackBerry stepped up really quick after the
issue was brought to light, and fixed their fatal design flaw in the KeyOne, which is
extremely impressive of them. But even with the problem fixed, this whole
situation has left me with two extremely broken phones. Today is the day we bring them back to life,
and if I’m successful in fixing both, I’ll give one away. Let’s see what happens. [Intro] I’m pretty sure that the only thing not working
on these phones is the screen itself. The rest of the phones are pretty solid. We’ll start with the phone I tested first,
the one that had no adhesive under the screen. The back panel can unclasp, it will never
fall off on it’s own, but it’s only held in place by plastic tabs and a small bit of adhesive
towards the bottom – much easier access than any of the Samsung phones that are all glued
shut. Up at the top of the battery, the connector
is screwed in with two Philips head screws. I’ll set these off to the side and unclasp
the battery connector with a plastic pry tool. The goals here is a screen replacement so
I’ll jump down to where the display ribbon cable connects. The display ribbon is under a bracket with
two more Philips head screws. I’ll twist that off to the side after the
screws are out, and unsnap the screen ribbon just like a little Lego. The ribbon was previously ripped in half during
my durability test, leaving the old screen pretty useless. I did find two replacement screens though. Pulling off the red protector reveals that
the replacement screens do not come with adhesive pre-installed which is fine. There are several ways to attach the screen. I’m going to use my normal double sided tape
method, but it is possible to buy the permanent glue type stuff that BlackBerry used for their
display the second time around. Once my double-sided tape is in place, I’ll
tuck the little ribbon cable through the slot in the frame and set the screen down inside
the phone. Then I can plug the screen into the motherboard
from the back. It’s an incredibly simple design. Screens are usually the first thing to crack
or break on a cell phone, so it’s night that BlackBerry made the repair so simple. I’ll screw the bracket on over the screen
connector to keep it from popping off if you ever drop the phone. And I’ll plug the battery back in. My phone was dead after sitting around for
so long, but plugging it in and turning it on revealed that our screen replacement was
successful, and the phone is still 100% functional, even after all of it’s abuse. Since the screen repair was so shockingly
easy, let’s jump back in and see how hard it is to swap out the battery on the BlackBerry
KeyOne. I’ll turn the phone off again, unplugging
the battery, and then jump down to the bottom of the phone where there are 7 Phillips head
screws guarding the charging port. Removing these allow the back plastic to pop
off exposing a non-removable charging port. This is unfortunate since charging port replacements
are rather common in the cell phone repair world – not as much as a broken screen or
battery of course, but it is nice when they can be replaced. Now normally most smartphones have an easy
way to remove the battery, whether they have the magical pull tabs like the iPhone, or
adhesive that is softened by heat like the Samsungs. Some batteries are relatively easy to pull
out even if they are technically not replaceable, and this is not the case on the BlackBerry
KeyOne; the battery adhesive is pretty permanent. Heat did not soften the adhesive. Puncturing the battery would be catastrophic
but it is hard to avoid when the adhesive doesn’t let go. In the end it was brute force that got out
the battery. Batteries are definitely not supposed to be
bent like this and I probably should not reuse this particular battery anymore. The large chunk of adhesive under the battery
would have been the perfect size for the back of the screen. It’s almost like they should have switched
those around. This battery replacement is a nightmare…and
rather dangerous. And now for the second screen. This is the lesser abused of the two BlackBerry
KeyOnes I have, and this is also the one that I’ll be giving away if the screen replacement
is successful. The process is identical to the first phone. Pulling off the back cover, unplugging the
battery, and getting those two screws off the bracket that are holding down the screen. I add a little bit of my own adhesive to the
back metal panel, and I’ll tuck the screen ribbon through the metal back and set the
whole thing down in place again. This is seriously one of the easiest phones
out there to do a screen replacement on. Testing out the screen after all the screws
are back in and the battery is reconnected. It is again a success which means that one
of you guys now get to keep this phone. I’ll pick one random re-tweeter of this tweet
over on my Twitter. I’ll also link this tweet in a video description
and that one random person will get a BlackBerry KeyOne of their own. I’ll list all the details and stuff down in
the video description of this video, so make sure to read through those. Huge thumbs up to BlackBerry for building
such a solid phone this second time around. I’m definitely a fan. Come hang out with me on Twitter. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see you

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