Apex GD-90C Drone FPV Murah 300 Ribuan Kamera 480p. Bagus Ga? [Review + Tes Terbang Indoor&Outdoor]

Apex GD-90C Drone FPV Murah 300 Ribuan Kamera 480p. Bagus Ga? [Review + Tes Terbang Indoor&Outdoor]

Hello, guys. Welcome to the channel that reviews
various products in this sophisticated era. As promised in our previous episode which
reviewed Apex GD-90 mini drone, This time we’ll be reviewing another
Apex’s mini drone. Which is Apex GD-90C The look on the box as soon as
the delivery packaging is opened, The picture of this drone looks so cool
with its glossy blue color. Let’s see the whole box. Blue and white colors combination on its box
looks nice. At least in my opinion. The top side filled with blue color
with Apex brand written in the middle. The front side has Apex brand, picture of the drone, WiFi logo which remarks that this drone has WiFi
capability, and the type of this drone, GD-90C At the bottom there are selling features of this drone. Gesture photo, the ability to take
picture by showing thumb up gesture. Altitude hold, the ability to maintain the height
position without controlling the throttle. USB charge. Aerial stunts, ability to do 360 degress
flips and rolls. Gyro stabilizer, which is a must for
every rc drone or heli. To keep the vehicle stable while
flying in the air. Apex GD-90C already equipped with 6 axis gyro. Which should make it stabler in the air
compared to 4 axis gyro drones. Headless mode. This drone is very helpful
for beginner pilots who are still confused by… …manual orientation fly mode.
I’ll explain this later. One key return home. This feature is used to tell the drone to
go back to its take off position. But usually in cheap drones, this function
only flies the drone backwards. And only stops when the right stick is moved forward. On the next side, there’s an instruction
in several languages to read the manual before flying the drone. Which is a good thing. Please
always read the manual before flying. And a barcode for the
drone’s Android application. And product’s model and
Apex’s office location. Then, there’s a list of
the drone’s features, specifications of the drone, what’s included in the box,
and the remote controller’s specifications. Those features and specifications
can be read in this video’s description. Apex GD-90C is available in 3 color variants.
Blue, red and black. In the next episode,
we’ll be holding a give-away event. The terms are simple, and will be
included the video’s description. So remember to watch our next episode. In the box itself,
the drone is on the upper side. The one we purchased is the red one.
So it’s different than the one displayed on the box. This red color looks cool. I like
the red color used by Apex on this drone. Though it’s not glossy like the one on the box.
But this red color looks cool. I like it. This drone comes with a mini
form factor as described. It’s just as big as my palm, similar to
Apex GD-90 reviewed in our previous episode. So it’s very compact to fit in a small shoulder bag. Propeller guard used in this drone also
similar to the one used in Apex GD-90. Its concept is good. Propeller guard doesn’t only
cover all of the propellers, but also cover the top side of the drone. Onboard camera can be tilted manually, with a 90 degress tilt range. From straight forward to
straight downward. Its camera is claimed as
an HD camera with 480p resolution. As this is an FPV drone, at the bottom
we see a wire antenna that sticks out at the bottom
of the drone’s body. As far as I consider, HD has a resolution
of 720p, and 480p for VGA. We’ll test its exact resolution later. Unfortunately this drone only comes with
2 LEDs which are located on its top side. From aesthetics perspective, it still
looks cool even with only 2 LEDs. It’s just in low light flying condition, when the drone has reached height above our head, it’s gonna be a bit difficult to know the
drone’s position and its head orientation. Which is crucial in manual fly mode
without headless mode. Especially when flying outdoor in windy condition. Wind blows often can alter the orientation of a drone. Fortunately, this drone already equipped with headless mode. So when we lose orientation, we can always
turn the headless mode on. It’s battery size is commonly used by other mini drones. So we can use other drones’ batteries as spares. And it uses losi micro t plug type,
400mAh 3.7V capacity. Let’s see what else is in the box. The remote controller has a bigger size
compared to Apex GD-90. Most likely it is so we can grab it comfortly
when a phone is attached to it. The sticks that stay in the middle are the
signature of altitude hold drones. The buttons on this controller consist of
power button in the middle, then take-off and landing button. Near the left stick, there’s a button to
activate/deactivate headless mode and then return to home button. This one usually acts to call the drone
to return to its home position. Near the right stick, there are 4 trim buttons. Pitch trims, forward and backward,
roll trims, left and right. On the top side, at the right corner there’s a camera button. Click it once to take photo,
and hold it for a few moments to record video. And at the left corner,
there’s a speed mode and stunt button. Click it once to switch speed mode,
and hold it for a few moments to do flip or roll. On the back of the controller, there are 4 holes
to attach the smartphone holder bracket. And the battery cover.
This controller uses 2 AAA batteries. Accessories that came with this package are philips screwdriver, charger cable without a charge adaptor anymore, Plug one end into a pc, laptop or
other USB power source, and plug the battery to the other end. One set of spare propellers. Smartphone holder bracket with
a spring loaded system, and has rubber pads on its top and bottom
to prevent slipping smartphone. And manual book in English and Chinese. A bit of explaination about headless mode. Headless mode illustration is like this. In manual mode without headless mode,
when both controller and drone are in the same orientation, when the right stick is moved forward,
the drone also moves forward. When the stick is moved backward,
the drone also moves backward. When the right stick is moved to the left or right,
the drone also moves to the left or right. But when the drone is not in the
same orientation as the controller, when the right stick is moved forward or backward, the drone doesn’t move forward or backward
according to the controller anymore. It moves using the orientation of the drone. It goes the same for other orientations.
In manual mode, movement orientation is based on the drone’s orientation.
Forward, backward, left and right. Forward, backward, left and right. In headless mode, the orientation is not
based on the drone anymore. But based on the controller. No matter which direction the drone is facing.
And it’s very helpful for beginner pilots. The right stick’s movement will always
moves the drone accordingly. When the right stick is moved forward,
the drone moves forward based on our orientation. When moved backward, the drone also moves backward. This is very helpful especially for first time flyers. To avoid crashing all over the place
within one or two minutes of flying. Or in worst case,
the drone gets broken.

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  1. Bang punya saya terbang dari lantai 1meter trus saya g nombol arah kanan kiri maju mundur tp dronex koq udah lari sana sini al hasil nabrak benda d sekitar..
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