ANALISIS DRONE SYMA X11 EN ESPAÑOL: El mejor minidrone barato con calidad segun muchos

ANALISIS DRONE SYMA X11 EN ESPAÑOL: El mejor minidrone barato con calidad segun muchos

The battle in the field of the mini drones
really is that to day of today is being something encarnizado, something brutal. By the way,
I’m Rafael Cruz, welcome to Mundodron. Today in Mundodron go to give you another option
inside the world of the mini drones and is east Syma X11. A drone that repeat, that already have been
saying in the pagina of Facebook and in Twitter, but it seems me that it goes to remain the first
place and if no, goes to remain very cerquita of the another that more liked us, the Hubsan X4
because of a series of caracteristicas that now we go to happen to explain in the analisis.
At any rate before at all, we go us to go direct to the unboxing. Hello, boys, welcome
to the unboxing of this Syma X11. The first that we see it is the cajita, a cajita quite good,
there is not a lot of history. It comes us here the colour that have chosen, the model … At all,
if tuvieramos that attribute him something to the box, it is that they have saved differentiate in
the boxes between the Syma X11 and the Syma X11C, stops what have to take out two distinct boxes?
We do an equal and afterwards when us it they go asking put him a sticker rojita
where touch that’s that. Out of prank, is quite well. Here we do not go us to complain.
Here it says us a bit the options: that if it can do the twists in 360º… It tipico
That they say you. Important, “your own space in the sky! Very important, with this drone
tendreis this space in the sky!We go to open the box, out of pranks and go to throw a glimpse
to the packaging of the Syma X11. Very well presented, can not us complain too much.
Here we would have the Syma X11, a wonder. I it pillé in red, seemed me very beautiful
in red and the colours chillones see afterwards very well when the these flying and this always
is a point. Now we go to teach the battery that have it by here and that it is one of the
points of the analisis that less has liked us, but that at the end neither think that was something
very wicked. This is the control. I do not know if east it is the control of the Syma X11 or of the X12. It is more,
I have traido the two so that him echeis a glimpse. The case is that I was analysing the drone
and mixed me the controls and I afterwards I said: which is of one and which is of another?
I do not know it, sincerely, are exactly equal! Besides, I have tested the two with both
controls and there is not ningun problem. Syma X12, podeis buy you the Syma X11 without control and also
if have the Syma x5c, the controls are totally interchangeable. But in this case directly
I do not know of which control is this drone. Here they come you some helices, that always are
very well. By the way, I want to enseñarosla because they are of very good quality and this always
is important in this type of drones. They are very elasticas, that can bend quite
well, but that does not break with anything, I do not complain. It comes you a game of helices
for each side, very interesting that avenge of colours, to know where are the forward
and the rear of the drone. This is the carrier of the batteries. I have used it a pair of times
to see if it worked and works the same that any another carrier, because at the end I
use the one who teach you that it used for the Syma x5c, that is quite better and can load
several batteries at the same time. Here we have the manual of instructions , that is in English,
what is puntazo tremendo and comes you with the basic things, is quite well,
do not go to have ningun problem with this manual. And it ultimo that it wanted to teach with
this unboxing were the baterias and here go me to put inside already of the analisis, but since
we are here, can teach it. The battery that comes you is this pequñita, very beautiful
in blue, is a battery of 3,7 volts to 200 miliamperios. What want to say you with
this? Only you go to be able to fly as already I go you to say in the analisis some 6-7 minutes as
a lot. I recommend you that as that to the final all comprais baterias for the drones
because you do not go to fly with a unica bateria that lasts you so little, I recommend you that
you compreis this type of baterias. This is the one who came with the Hubsan X4, this is a point
for of the Hubsan X4 that came with the camara and came with more power, but
well, as at the end you go to buy more batteries, I do not think that they are a too wicked point.
It is of 3,7 volts, the same that the another, but this comes to 380 miliamperios, only have to
see the difference between a bateria and another. It is double of flight. I recommend you
this and as you go to see, there is not ningun problem to put it. Yes, no penseis bad! We go
to see, go to fit it… As you see, it fits perfectly the battery this that is quite
bigger. Personally, I recommend you this amperaje for the batteries because it is
the size maximo that goes in and teneis the double of time of flight. This yes, as I go you
to say despues, teneis that leave a tiempito quite interesting between flight and flight so that
it do not spoil the engines on a long-term basis. So at all we go us directly to the analysis.
It was as it went, if this Syma X11 is not one of the best mini drones of the market, if
that goes to approach, because we are in front of a mini drone excellent, a mini drone that has
left us very but that very delighted. Many of you you estareis asking that I am
saying you that the Hubsan X4 is but that the Syma X11, and no, for nothing, go to centre us
a poquito. At any rate the comparison already we will do it in some videos back between
the Syma X11 and the Hubsan X4 because it goes to be a comparison really encarnizada, but
if I go you to advance a thing: so much if you comprais one like the another go you to remain
equally delighted. The first that there is that resaltar is that we have analysed the Syma
X11, no the Syma X11C neither variants. Ours version did not have camara, buy it without
camara and think that have done an eleccion quite good, since in my coleccion specifically
already have other mini drones with camara and no it seemed me logico buy this type of mini
drones that, at the end I at least, no the use to record, simply the use for
leisure. Therefore, I think that this type of mini drones, to less than that you spend you a lot of money,
does not go to have a really good recording. For example, if you acordais of the Hubsan X4,
did not have a lot felt to buy you the version with camara, that was the one who we had,
a camara quite bad. So I happened directly to buy the version with camara and bought me
this version that is without camara, but very interesting. Cositas That have to say:
the stability. We go to begin by the bad, because his stability can that it was a pelín
nervous, a pelín, no you vayais to believe that it is too crazy, but if it is truth that
notices a pelín nervous and when we remove him the protections, more nervous still. It is
bad, is good? NO, the truth, sincerely. I Think that at the end with this drone, to
less than that we are flying it and want a flight ultraestable, very soft… Thing that do not am used to
to do, do it for the analisis, but no flight usually like this, as probably it would suit
you another type of mini drone. But if what quereis is a normal flight, rapido…
At least, to me it is what more loves me, fly rapido and doing a lot of quiebros, doing
hammered, etc. think that this drone is something inmejorable. By that? Because the rapidity
of this drone is increible. By what costs, it has left me very pillado, By the way, speaking
of prices, if quereis know what costs this drone, here below in the descripcion
teneis the links always of the main shops. I buy it by Amazon, in case quereis
know it. The rapidity of the drone by the price that has is something increible, to me has gone back me
crazy. Has two ways of flight, remembers us a lot to the Syma x5c and the control is compatible
with east and with the one of the Syma X12: we go, with east is that it is the same control. I do not know neither cual
is the control of one neither of the another, because the it mix and I do not have neither idea of which are.
A negative point, no of the drone, but of the things that come us in the box. It comes us
a very small battery, already will have it seen in the unboxing and it estareis seeing
in videos in first plane. The battery is very small, means that only I can fly
this drone with a battery to the maximo ones 6-7 minutes, that is what hard? For nothing,
if you go to fly with this battery, goes you to disappoint muchisimo, because you go to fly
very little time, some 7 minutes combining way rapido and slow. If you go flying in slow
way and teneis a flight but normalito, you it will last a bit more. This yes, if him poneis
a bateria that can be the double of amperaje, with which neither goes to suffer neither the
engines, sincerely, and on go to have a pelín of weight more, very important the
of the weight, when you put him this battery, it goes to last at least some 12-13 minutes.
If volais 13 minutes followed this drone and between battery and battery esperais some 5
minutes, the engines do not go to suffer too much, so it is an excellent option. But teneis
that take into account that with the bateria that it comes you hard some 7 minutes, but that no
you preocupeis, that podeis expand it. Already you I will have been teaching batteries that can
be more interesting. What more can you explain of this mini drone? It does not have boton
of lit and turned off, thing that to me no it likes me, but it seems that it is the normal in
this type of drones. What himself has liked me that although it avenges you a bateria small,
in the cavity to put the bateria fits perfectly any another bateria. Following thing, the
shot, that is speaking bad and prompt acojonante. it Is a rank estupido, because you do not go to arrive
to more than this distance. At least in my case, my eye does not arrive to so much. I have done proofs
and arrives to some 50 metres of rank, seems me something obsessive. With this type of mini drones,
that arrive to a rank of 30 metres seems me something quite good and can not complain me of
this, think that this very well for what are fact, for what work and such. 50 metres,
that is what occurs with this drone? It goes totally of mother. We have flown some 12
hours this drone to do the analisis and solo have had a moment in which it has
lost the signal, do not know why, and it has not crashed , but simply
we have approached… It hit a career of a second, recover the control and again
went back, that has been ours unico problem. Thing that the truth that, for what have,
is quite well. This type of drones so cheap are used to to give quite a lot of more problems,
that not even comment, but in this occasion, as they have been so little the problems, is so that
veais that the truth is that this drone by it poquito that it costs, has left us really delighted
. And I do not am used to to remain me like this afterwards to fly a drone, sincerely, many times
find them agunas positive parts, others refusals… It is the normal, but in this drone
have not found any negative part more it have to the unsteadiness of when you are
flying slow, but go back to say, what it commented before. The of the weight is very important:when
him poneis a bateria heavier and on has more time of flight, is something increible,
because it achieves a big stability. We, when we analyse the Hubsan X4 teniamos that
take into account that estabamos analysing a drone with camara. In this occasion, does not come
with camara. Although it seem that have here the bolita, is because the ones of Syma will have decided
that for what go to do two designs, one with camara, another without camara? That they seem
equal and I already go for forward, more or less. Although it seem that it has it, it does not have camara,
and therefore it weighs less, is logico. But if you it compensais with a battery
that on goes to last you more time in flight, as I think that can arrive to achieve
a stability very but that very good and that it does not have to envy at all to anybody. So
the of the unsteadiness can even correct if comprais a battery. And surely if
comprais this type of drones, at the end him you go to have to buy baterias, so
no compreis the baterias so pequeñitas that they come you, but some upper that will be
those that have taught you before in the unboxing. Sincerely, we are loved with
this drone, with which have enjoyed a lot of and that go to be followed disfrutandolo and that already
only invite you to that echeis a glimpse to the video of flying of this Syma X11, that will go up
it in the proximos days and will not go up in this occasion a video of the control of Syma
X11, because it is the same control and has the same concepts basicos that come with
the Syma X12, so if quereís, throw him a glimpse because they are equal, so much fisicamente
as in everything. I expect that it have liked you east analisis, if estais looking for a mini drone,
personally think that would go in inside the possible dispute that could have between
a Hubsan X4 and a Syma X11 and, at the end, I it would choose the cheapest, sincerely. If
one see that it is to 5 more expensive euros that the another, to 10 more expensive euros that the another…
I personally think that my criterion to comprarmelo it would be the cheapest, because the two are
excellent, geniales and because you go to have an experience of vuielo very good. If on
in the two go to have the same feelings… Personally, it has liked me more the Syma
X11, but this already is something more subjective, proque east compensates some things that
does not have the another and to the reverse… But they like me the drones more rapidos and nervous, to be able to
do more quiebros. I would remain me with the Syma X11, but if you no it teneis very clear
, choose the cheapest, that think that on it goes you to know the same. So at all,
I expect that it have liked you this analisis, that have liked you this drone, leave here below
in comments what pensais, in Facebook, in Twitter… And at all we see us in a new
video here, in Mundodron. Chao!

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