Anafi Camera ND Lens Unboxing for Parrot Drone

Anafi Camera ND Lens Unboxing for Parrot Drone

hey everybody thanks for checking out my
video and this short clip I’m going to show you a product that I’ve just picked
up recently from Amazon it’s a set of three and the photos and for the power
and a free tour so let’s dive into it okay so in this video I’m going to talk
about the small set of anafi drone filters which I picked up on Amazon
these were 20 quid or 20 pounds which is about $24 and these are easily installed
on the front of the anafi I’ve seen a lot of people talking about these and
just the difference that it can make so I’m just going to show you what this
pack looks like so let’s have our check inside the box so we’ve got a level
protection case here nothing else inside here on the front a little opening a
slot so open up and say it seems like we’ve got some stickers for each of the
filters to identify those a small cleaning cloth pray straightforward
clean in the front of your camera on the front of the drone and of course obviously
the filters I have inside this box some Foam here you’ve essentially got each
of the ND filters take each one individually and have a look at it so on the first one here you can read on
the side it says ND4 for first polarize filter on
the second ND8 and on the third ND16 so now I’m
just going to try one of these on the drone and see what the fitment looks
like and let you see that okay so here I’ve got the Parrot Anafi
drone I’m just going to let you see how this fitment works with one of
these ND filters so let me just pick one up now at the front of the drone is
literally just the case of set it on and very slightly pressing at the end
there’s no magnet there’s no screw fitment it’s just as
simple as a little bit of pressure to hold it in place and though it seems to
be fixed on and that will just give you a polarization and again very light
pressure to remove and I’m just gonna show you what the second filter here so
again just holding the camera gently just gonna apply the ND filter looks
good so it’s in position seems fairly sturdy and I’m sure there’s probably
alternatives out there on the market but in terms of my fitment looks pretty good
happy with these I’m going to go and try flying though and see what the results
are and I’ll pull some of the videos and an update shortly but in terms of on
these products if you’re interested I’ll leave a link in the description down
below thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video you’ve got any
questions have you used these already have you
tried them out any comments below let me know thanks guys you

1 thought on “Anafi Camera ND Lens Unboxing for Parrot Drone”

  1. I have the full set of six, but I haven't used them much yet.
    These are neutral density filters, NOT polarised filters. There is one CPL filter in the full set of six. This is circularly polarised. It really seems to work, at least it is clearly polarised. I haven't tried it on the drone yet but when looking through it in my kitchen turning it around makes a massive difference to the image. So far I have used the ND4 and the ND8 when it seemed the sunlight justified this much filtering. Despite the alarmingly coloured appearance of the filters when you hold them and look at them they do seem to be genuinely neutral density, just being grey, not adding any discolouring to the image.
    You can fit filters which are designed for the Mavic Pro onto the Anafi, the push-fit is identical. However, Mavic filters don't produce satisfactory results, they have a vignette effect. Any filter is likely to be greeted by the drone with complaints about the gimbal being blocked as its setting-up dance involves a move where it tries to look at its own arse for some bizarre reason. The way around this is to let the drone boot up before adding the filter. This means grabbing hold of the camera and holding it steady, like giving eyedrops to a protesting puppy. It feels wrong but the gimbal is designed never to fight so hard that it damages itself so it isn't a problem. I suppose the reluctance to fit a filter because it feels wrong may mean we don't overuse the filters when not appropriate. There is also an ND32 in the full set, only to be used in the brightest sunlight, maybe very rarely indeed in Britain.

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