Amazing Ibiza Island Roundtrip & Drone Flight | YourTravel.TV

Amazing Ibiza Island Roundtrip & Drone Flight | YourTravel.TV

Hello here is Martin of GlobalTraveler.TV Today I am with you on Ibiza in Spain. And as you have already seen in other videos, I’m on this island for holidays for 12 years. On Ibiza there compared to Mallorca much more and to see more than just party, party, party. The island is still as pristine condition as I met her 12 years ago. And now I will show you Ibiza, please do not forget to thumbs up! We arrived at our first point. Behind me you stand a tower, as there are many of on this island. Some of the towers are accessible, some not. Previously served this to ward off pirates. Today’s is probably no more. But you never know On Ibiza finds its countless beautiful beaches. One is you liked that. I have my favorites. We arrived here in San Juan, unfortunately a bit late, the HippiMarket is already pretty full. If it’s a Hippie Market, you can get almost everything here. HippiMarket, goods from farmers, clothes, just about anything your heart desires. I should try olive oil here … An intensive oil I test now. Very strong So the intensive oil was clearly better. For this stay I rented me a Fiat 500th The important thing was the little car, so I’m in any parking space. On Ibiza, parking is not always easy and you will not ever look for a parking space yes. You should rent from his homeland a car, so that the laws of your country count. Look for a rental right in the airport terminal. Otherwise, it may happen that you need a transfer to car rental. The unnecessarily costs time and nerves! Cafe del Mar. There you can enjoy a sunset evening, which will be unique. Either you are sitting with friends in one of the bars that are here like this. The Cafe del Mar is the most famous café on Ibiza. Surrounded by San Antonio, where the UKs like to make holidays. I tend to prefer it over there to enjoy the sunset on a picnic blanket with a glass of wine and friends. We have arrived at the last point and I must say, in May, it is quite warm during the day really. It was a tough day today. Don’t forget the long trousers in the evening. And for sure, please thumbs up at YouTube. From my side it was, now I will show you even the magic rock. Where you’ll find the on http://GlobalTraveler.TV we have the Google Map integrated. And now have fun with the pictures!

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