Active Track on the DJI Mavic 2 Pro | Can it keep up?

Active Track on the DJI Mavic 2 Pro | Can it keep up?

100 thoughts on “Active Track on the DJI Mavic 2 Pro | Can it keep up?”

  1. Lowe Pro Whistler Bags are the best I've found for transporting camera gear + other gear in a separate sealed compartment.

  2. I think active track is great, but it's still not ready for prime time. I have personally had to use my DJI care for replacement because it's just not ready for prime time. I use the DJI for filming skiers. The active track constantly loses the skier in trees or other obstacles. It would be great if DJI would offer some type of bracelet or coin you can put in your pocket as a follow me back up to active track.

  3. Best backpack for me is the Cinebags CB25B. Bulky, but you would definitely not need more than one bag with it, and everything is super safe.

  4. I cracked too hard at the doggo part 😀 One question: isn't it possible to take out one piece (1 from each leg) fron the tripod, so it will fit perfectly in the bag? Keep up the great vids!

  5. Just to answer your camera bag query, you can definitely go for Lowepro Flipside trek with eyes closed.

  6. What does the AE with padlock symbol mean in the upper right corner area of the app screen? Noticed yours is off the screen, how did you do that? Thx

  7. Good video but dont worry about crashing its pretty tough ;0). Replacement parts are not too expensive. I have used a track 4 times and every time it scared the crap out of me. I have also read where it does crash in a track. Thanks for this video.

  8. You should work with Jake @RecycledFirefighter to design a custom camera backpack!


  10. 7:52 his active tracking failed.

    Recently I was a tap away from buying the $2,200 Mavic Pro 2 bundle on Amazon and I hit abort. Reason for it was all the lame ass rules that FAA has imposed on drones. Can only fly 400 feet high? C'mon now wtf is the purpose of having a drone that can fly thousands of feet high and away when your restricted to 400 feet altitude and visible distance limit. There are many more bull shit rules that make it stressful to own a damn drone. I went and dropped those 2200 bucks on a performance laptop instead.

  11. I know this comment is way too late but I think the sensors turn off when you have it circle around during active track. I had mine fly straight into my house because I had it pan and the sensors didn't kick on at all. Great video as always guys

  12. That´s one excellent piece of equipment… I´m talking about the Suzuki DR 650. What a beast….yeah, drone is fine too

  13. 5:05 it didn't see it and you got lucky. That's a blind spot. Check the manual. I was wondering how often this could be a problem and you found its when orbiting and tailing a moving subject.

  14. recipe for disaster. your drone should have been up higher and your active track would have looked better.

  15. Thats cool, I did not know I can still give input to the controller. But man take off the stickers before your drone gets tan lines

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  17. When I film myself riding my bike through my 'hood top down in this mode, it has an awesome GTA feel. I think a video needs to be made.😋

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  19. Those aren’t “Hills” those are house pads. I’d be pissed if I was the contractor or owner of the property your driving around on.

    Besides that good drone footage.

  20. Duuuuude $80 for that bag ??? i seriously have the exact same one for 25 euros here in greece !!!! anyway great video go checkk the manfrotto national geographic series!!!!

  21. Doesn't it say in the app itself when you start track that its max speed in track is 20 m/s but obstacle avoidance turns off after going over 12 m/s ?

  22. if you are looking for a reasonably priced drone backpack then look no further, this is the go! Just make sure that you click through all of the pics on the site to get the best idea! It has been great for me.

  23. i dont get it, you purposely wanted to keep the drone so close to the ground with millions of objects and spend like half the duration of the video yelling out "OMG" and "heart attack"!?!?

  24. I am looking to get a Mavic 2 Pro this week. Question for experienced drone owners: how common are accidents/crashes and do you purchase drone insurance?

  25. EVERY single time that I fly the Mavic on Active Track, it looses the subject. So much, that I can't really use the footage.

  26. The mavic 2 pro is my first drone and I'm still learning…one question on active track I haven't seen answered, can you put the controller in say your back pack while filming and have it follow you down a ski run? It works in my head just not sure if it will work in the real world.

  27. Hi! Just wanted to know how you got all sensors to work with active track on? Active track could only work in P mode, right (not in tripod mode)? And in P mode, only the front and rear sensors are available? Thanks!

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