Abandoned Tulsa warehouse – camera drone video

Jose what are we doing today buddy today
we are gonna go look at abandoned buildings in Tulsa like we have in your
past videos we’re gonna go look at a few more and take the join up to get some
really cool shots of the abandoned buildings he’s absolutely right we’re
gonna do every bit of that but not before we have Sonic
no this isn’t a pain endorsement is Oklahoma everybody Sonic’s in Oklahoma
and may also have a route 44 root beer with blue coconut and real cream don’t
judge me for my sonic order I know I got blue coconut and cream in my root beer
but it’s sonic sweet there you go bro excellent thank you oh you too thank you Jose just got into downtown Tulsa there
are two abandoned buildings are gonna be filming today we’re right off the corner
of Boulder in Easton what are you thinking in I’m really excited to see
what the drunk capture so let’s see what it catches all right so Jose and I are done with
the drone shots today man both of these buildings are really cool I hope you
enjoyed the footage that we got of those but you know now that the evening is
wrapping up nicely I think we’re gonna go watch a drillers game and watch our
buddy Cory throw the first pitch yeah that’s around Oklahoma weather really is
something special bright and sunny one minute and the next you’re drowning in
buckets and buckets of rain and then games get canceled and postponed God
love Oklahoma what do you think Jose he said buddy I know it was all excited
about it and now we’re standing outside so you guys know we’re rained out
definitely no baseball to close out this vlog but anyway guys thank you for
checking out this last video I appreciate all of you thank you for all
the thumbs-up I appreciate all of your support with the subscribes and as
always remember to do something to make somebody else’s day great be biggest see
you guys in this video you

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