A Russian drone operator encounters a UFO, then must decide what is real and not. | The Occupant

A Russian drone operator encounters a UFO, then must decide what is real and not. | The Occupant

Unbeknownst to the public, a covert military coalition
is using nuclear powered drones to lure alien object. In an attempt to immobilize and capture them. Mantis drone operator for
command center. Over. This is Major Nikolaev.
Come in. Sir, I believe we’ve got a nibbler. Are you able to identify the object? Negative sir. But it’s coming for the bait. Excellent, start reeling it in. It’s biting. Accelerate immediately. Make sure it doesn’t get too close. Start up the electromagnetic pulse. Remember your training Sergeant Galkina. You’re going to do fine. Thank you sir. Electromagnetic pulse started. Object in range within twenty seconds. Make sure the Mantis is out of range
before you activate the pulse. You don’t want to be responsible for
crashing a nuclear drone. Yes, sir. Mantis has passed the mobile pulse unit. I’m getting the drone out of range. Ten seconds to sinker. Mantis over 1500 meters? 5 seconds… Come on. Come on. What the hell. Sir. There’s a glitch in the system. Sir. Sir. Come in. Sir, we have to activate the pulse now. The object has already passed the pulse location. Sir, am I authorized to activate the pulse? I’m activating the pulse, sir! Abort! Sir? Do not activate the electromagnetic pulse. Deviate immediately.
Set course for main base. Sir. I’m not authorized to fly the Mantis
over the main base. It’s my responsibility. But sir– Sergeant Galkina.
My orders are not up for discussion. Do as you’re told. Drop the drone’s altitude to 90 feet. 4200 meters out, sir. That’s better, sergeant. NO FLY ZONE Sir, I need to understand your plan. The Mantis is my responsibility as remote operator. Focus on your work, sergeant. You want me to crash a nuclear drone
on the base? We’ve all been evacuated I can’t do that. I can fly the drone over low, but I’ll need to
pull up straight after. Sergeant Galkina.
I’m your superior officer and.. ..unless you want to be prosecuted for
insubordination you need to follow my orders.. ..and do exactly as I tell you.
Now drop to 30 feet. Don’t you want your family
to see you again? Descend. NO FLY ZONE Open the door! Who’s there? Don’t let them in, Sergeant.
They’ll shoot you on sight! Pull up! Pull up! If you pull up now you’ll never
be able to see your brothers again. Never go on holiday with them again.
Ever. This is lieutenant Petrov. I’m under direct orders of
Major Nikolaev. Sergeant Galkina. Maya, little Maya.
Don’t listen to him. You’ll die a coward and
a traitor. CIVILIAN AIRCRAFT Nikolaev I.S. You did the right thing, sergeant. The nuclear drone is intact.
It crashed, but it’s still intact. You saved many lives. Sir, why did you order me to
crash the Mantis on the base? I didn’t. It wasn’t me you were talking to. Maya, trust me.
I’m just as confused as you are. What happened to the alien object? It crashed… But considering what just happened
I’m not sure if that’s a desirable outcome. What do you mean? It was constantly two steps
ahead of us. There must be a reason why it allowed us
to bring it down. There was another aircraft… …just before the blackout. Sir. There has been an unauthorized take-off
reported at Syktyvkar. A civilian helicopter. How many casualties? Hello? Is anyone there? We’ve crashed our helicopter
an hour west of Syktyvkar. This is Danny. I’m the sole survivor of a helicopter crash.
I need immediate assistance. I repeat.
I need immediate assistance. Hello? Is anyone there? Hello, Danny. It’s good yo hear your voice.

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  1. Can someone explain to me, what the helicopter had to do with all of this? All I can think of right now is that the helicopter crashed and the ailiens contacted it or that the helicopter was crashed by the ailiens but what does that have to do with the base?

  2. dragon fleet you may enter. hmmmmmm wheres that line from great vids again, voices and all, even the ones in my head 😛

  3. okay.. if the impulse was not activated.. and the nuclear drone was not damaged to the point of creating an explosion, then what brought down the helicopter and the alien craft?

  4. Wow. Intense. I'm glad the drone operator came out of it okay. Like an episode of the X Files. Great production values. As good as anything on network television. I hope there is a next episode.

  5. That was actually rather impressive, but I have almost no idea what the hell was happening! I'm confused but I like it……

  6. why does every single alien spaceship fuckup the internet in movies or shows or short films. like aliens stop messing with our damn wi-fi lol

  7. This is so good. Huge potential!
    It MUST to be adapted to a full movie! Or at least a serie of other videos on this story.

  8. Great Movie. Orders mean nothing. No one can ever order you to anything you don't agree with. It is your responsibility. When you stand before god you can't hide behind orders

  9. As a military officer in Canada, who has some dealings with drone operations. I found this video very true to form, additionally I love how this kept me on the edge of my seat. When can you say that, I look forward to the next instalment.

  10. Looks like the Russians have finally reached the technology level of using Apple II computers and Atari 2600 graphics.

  11. This is a lot deeper than their usual videos. You can tell by the fact it has subtitles. That means something clever is happening and not just the ominous music.

  12. I did some digging, and found several Variety articles discussing the awards this short or longer version is up for. I think that the helicopter portion of this short got added is a preview for something else. The articles say that "The Occupant" is a story of a female geologist who's helicopter crashes in the wild and discovers she is not alone. No mention of this short. Google the writers name and you can read the articles for yourself. This was a fantastic little gem and would like to see more of it without meddling by any big studios. The will only screw up this wonderful piece .

  13. Me believes the Russian goverment where behind this. to test to see how well this person could distinguish from fact or foe.

  14. ' Need to Know ' by Timothy Good .
    Fascinating book about how extra terrestrials destroyed many civilian commercial aircraft in order to force the hand of western governments to grant them carte blanche in the US and Europe .

  15. As much as I want to say I enjoyed this little flick… I'm equally just confused of the story line and ending.

  16. Good story. But! The soldiers were Russian. So why were the people in the helicopters British? And then the answering voice English?

  17. so that seargent that walked in & told her thank god youre alright then he said that wasnt me you were talking to ….. Perfect alibi for him if it Had been him she was talking to.

  18. I feel for this woman. I used to try to be nice to UFO's… But now, BlAP!!! When I'm operating my drones and I see UFO's and they're like, "We come in peace, take us to…" BlAPP! I shoot it. KaBooom! I'm like, "Next UFO. Line 'em up."
    But the first time, I had the same internal dilemma as she.

  19. I need an explanation! Ok, so she tries to lure a UFO (porbably aliens) with nuclear drone into the radius of an EMP blast in order to knock it down. However, the UFO takes control over the comms, acts as her commanding officer and tells her to fly to the military base and to not turn on the EMP. She follows her orders not knowing she is talking to an immitation of her CO. She is then told to "crash?" into the base (so everything there goes nuclear), but at the last second she decides to not follow the order, tries to fly away but loses control (she also spots another flying object on her radar). Everything goes black, the drone crashed into the woods (but did not explode), suddenly the real CO breakes into the bunker and tells her everything is ok but that the voice she was talking to was not him…. Ok so until that point I kinda understand but what happens after just confuses me. What was the last thing the saw on the radar? Was it the civilian helicopter? If it was then why did it speak english and who's voice was it at the end? Why did everthing go black when she lost control of the drone? Did the EMP go off? Did the UFO crash? Was that it's plan? why? Could it be that the REAL CO told her to crash in order to stop the alien from taking over the world?

  20. I've came to realize that short movies like this actually is higher quality and have real russian actors. Mean while in Hollywood movies they can't even bother to hire real russian actors to play, with horrible russian accent that native speaker can't even understand.

  21. what's so nuclear about these drones? they seem normal. is it just because nuclear behind something sounds more ominous? nuclear button. nuclear pants. nuclear bowl. nuclear cereal to put into the nuclear bowl, complete with nuclear milk for the nuclear cereal!

  22. Huh? Okay, she was right not to trust the person she was talking to I think. Then what happened after I did not really understand. Was the person in the helicopter really the alien trying to flee and not her? I did not get the end.

  23. This doesn't get green lit for a series but batwhaman did 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  24. One can only hope that the larger story will, at the very least, clear up the muddy plot of this elaborate, migrane-inducing trailer.

  25. You humans will always fail against us in every single thing you do we watch you and observe all your actions against each other

  26. Alright, after a little research, the civilian helicopter was a group of geologists who crashed into the Russian tundra, but why were they there at that time, and what made them crash?
    I get that the voice over the radio was the aliens hijacking and impersonating other people, but what brought down the craft.

  27. Absolutely interesting concept, this kind of scenario, in my opinion, isn't science fiction at all since the technology to do so is very alive and in development, a drone can be hack actually not easily but possible enough that it can be operated and then send a synthetic voice sound imitation artificial intelligence program (like LyreBird) to replicate his commander's voice, Very well done!

  28. OK so here is what I understood of the story. Keep in mind that they say the UFO was consistently 2 steps ahead, so it was there plan that was unfolding all along, not the Russian's.

    The UFO was probably a kind of alien drone that was launched in order to connect with the human drone operator and make her crash into the main base. Once the UFO did that, its job was done so it crashed.

    Meanwhile, inside the base, an alien that is from the same origin as the UFO was escaping using a civilian aircraft -that's why the major asks "how many casualties", because he knows it was a violent escape made by someone that shouldn't have had access to a helicopter. The alien's plan was to get one of their own outside of the base, then blow it up to cover their traces. They partially succeeded. Or maybe the plan was to conduct a suicide mission from the inside by the alien, then escape using the helicopter if it failed.

    Anyway the civilian aircraft (the helicopter) that was being used by the escaping alien crashed. That's why the male voice responding to the woman's call for help (who is actually the call of the alien that escaped) sounds like he knows her when he says that "it's good to hear your voice". These aliens can somehow get inside the head of the human operators on the other end of a line of communication and sound like someone they know. Maybe the helicopter crash was an accident (after all it is pretty stormy) but maybe it is the next step of the plan, depending on who they established "contact" with this time.

    Anyway, it was great and I loved it.

  29. Could it have anything like that there is a western person in the helicopter crash zone and the aliens are next ordering her to do something that will start ww3 or something. Stereotypical yeah 😀

  30. Actor playing Maya was pretty good. Editing was clumsy. And story line was ridiculous. If aliens could do that kind of hacking they could have hacked the drone and on top of that wouldn't even need a drone since they would have nuclear+ technology with which they could have destroyed the base on their own and not been reliant on fooling a drone pilot. UFO references to family and little Maya were far fetched. Worse, the end made no sense. So aliens failed with Maya and are back at it again with another impression, this time without all the hacking and just communications from the downed UFO? What? Nah.

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