A Plane Crashes After Takeoff in the Heart of Miami

A Plane Crashes After Takeoff in the Heart of Miami

100 thoughts on “A Plane Crashes After Takeoff in the Heart of Miami”

  1. These touchy awful scenes only breaks our heart again and again. Exciting to watch, but think it deeply, how many cries are involved with it.

  2. 2:30 plane on fire 🔥

    1:02 what is that man’s name?

    1:20 I know that man’s name. His last name is Petrosky I don’t know what is petroskyk’s first name?

    2:19 what is that man’s name?

  3. Well known name. I give u that for getting us to watch.
    Not a complete narrative as to cause of disaster…thumbs down here!

  4. Wow.. The camera man survived all crashes including the pan am and KLM crash 😱😱🎉🎉🎉👍🏻👍🏻😀😀😀

  5. I was 12 years old and about 5 miles away, hanging out at a friend's house when we heard what we thought was a car tire popping or a car accident. We ran out but didn't see anything and went back inside. A few minutes later we were told a plane crashed and could see the smoke plume in the distance. I heard it happen and didn't realize it at that moment.

  6. Poor guy in the parking lot was getting out of his car with lunch he was bringing to his wife working in a store in that group of businesses. He had no time to react and the fireball consumed him😢

  7. I was showering and this video pop up I hear PULL UP PULL Up, TERRAIN TERRAIN PULL UP
    It scare me off the shower or taking a brown business maybe

  8. That was awful. I remember seeing the smoke…a good friend witnessed it from the airport. The owner of that cargo company worked out at my gym at the time. I’m not sure he ever recovered emotionally

  9. So sad. I was one of the environmental field analyst that was sent to that site. I had to also go into the hot zone to get storm drain water samples. It was a very depressing feeling especially during the noise of aircrafts on taking offs. My condolences to the families 🙏

  10. I remember this accident. I was working in a building across from the airport. The office windows gave us view of the runway . I remember working at my desk and I felt the building vibrate. Did not realize that a plane had crashed just west of the 826. One of my coworkers who was out on the balcony at lunch said the plane went nose up and dropped down. It was a terrible sight.

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