A Doomed Aircraft Is Left to Fly Until it Runs Out of Fuel

A Doomed Aircraft Is Left to Fly Until it Runs Out of Fuel

We have a developing
story, as you may have heard. There was as a
civilian Learjet– NARRATOR: News of
a rogue Learjet, flying hundreds of
miles off course, has captivated the nation. PRESS SECRETARY: The FAA began
tracking aircraft in distress. The president was made aware of
this situation, this morning, in a meeting with his
economic advisors. [PHONE RINGING] Benzon, here. NARRATOR: Experts
at the National Transportation Safety
Board are notified of the escalating emergency. Get me a map. OK. ROBERT BENZON: Once the air
traffic control system realized that the aircraft had
gone rogue, so to speak, the next step is to
try to figure out why. It’s either being hijacked
or else has malfunctioned, the crew has been
incapacitated somehow. NARRATOR: Controllers scramble
F-16 fighters to track down the wayward Learjet. Jim Tidball has come up with
a rough calculation of where the plane will run out of fuel. My best guess is South
Dakota, possibly North Dakota. I can’t say more than that. Let’s hope he’s right. With any luck, they
won’t hit anything. NARRATOR: In the air,
the F-16 pilots have caught up with the rogue plane. The windows of the aircraft
provide an ominous clue. No movement and the
window’s covered in frost. NARRATOR: The Learjet
is now a ghost plane. Can we narrow down
the crash site anymore? NARRATOR: With no hope for
the passengers and crew, the only focus now is on where
the plane will come down. According to calculations,
the jet is almost out of fuel. At 10 minutes past
12:00, it happens. The Learjet carrying Payne
Stewart and five other people is falling from the sky. They’re going down. They’re going down. Where’s it going to hit? NARRATOR: The F-16
attempts to follow, but the plane disappears
into the clouds. It drops below the radar. [INAUDIBLE],, I’ve
got a crash site. NARRATOR: Payne
Stewart’s Learjet has slammed into a
hayfield in South Dakota. There are no survivors.

100 thoughts on “A Doomed Aircraft Is Left to Fly Until it Runs Out of Fuel”

  1. Don't planes have the little face mask things? or is that stuff just there to put me to sleep before the plane crashes?

  2. ? I thought there were more people in Fighter Jets. There was another person following the plane as it fell.. Maybe it was a different incident.

    I looked it's the same incident. There was a Tulsa 13 jet following it as the learjet fell in a downward spiral, crashing into the ground in an awkward angle.

  3. I remember this one well, I lived in Jacksonville, where a main FAA node is, and this was all over our local news and internet within minutes. How shocking, RIP to all.

  4. "Jim has come up with a rough calculation of where the plane will run out of fuel."

    Jim: "North America. Possibly South America." 😉

  5. U know I always wondered if they could put remote control on a plane. So if something like this was to happen, or something happens to the pilots and no one on board can fly that they could take control of the plane with some emergency freq and remote fly it in for a landing.

  6. Before everyone died it would only take a matter of time for everyone to suffer from severe hypoxia. It would be seconds for the passengers to be incapitated. I think there was a loss of cabin pressure and oxygen masks did not activate. Soon, the LearJet became nothing but a Ghost Plane. There was a golf player on board who revieved a big award. The fuel runs out on the right engine causing the plane to bank right then it spirals into the ground and nosedives in South Dokota.

  7. Shoot the plane while it’s in the air so that it explodes while in the air and so there isn’t a crash site to begin with, hence no damage on the ground.

  8. In my book Some Things Strange and Sinister I dealt with two "Ghost" Lear jet cases from Europe military and civil organisations confirming details. That is why I said -over 20 years ago I would never get onto a Lear jet!

  9. I wonder if it had recent ground maintenance? Such as a swap out of cabin pressure regulator. Someone forgot to reset if from test position to flight pisition. Maybe.

  10. 10 year old Jim Titball talking to his school teacher
    Jim: The other kids are bullying me sir.
    Teacher: Oh no, why are they bullying you?
    Jim: They're making fun of my name, Jim Titball.
    Teacher: Laughs hysterically.

  11. Sitting at the controls of a multi-million-dollar supersonic fighter jet, and knowing that all you can do is WATCH….!

  12. Jim Titball: Sourh Dakota, possibly North Dakota. I can't say more than that.

    Leslie Neilson: You can tell me, I'm a doxtor.

  13. Awful loss .. it had been tracked passing over us at UF in Gainesville FL shortly after it departed Orlando FL … sad to think those nice people were heading to sleep forever around that time. Payne Stewart was always nice to fans … 😔

  14. Imagine the fighter pilots position, the glass frosted over, probably tried to radio them but no contact, and had to watch a passenger jet fall from the sky and could do nothing to help.
    Must have been an awful experience

  15. Reading up on the actual report, the information given in this video is misleading. For one thing, there were three separate interceptions by different F16 units during the lear jet's flight. The first two escorts reported simply that the cabin was "dark", and the aeroplane unresponsive.

    The primary issue, to my mind, was the relative inexperience on the learjet by otherwise very highly competent pilots, both of them certified flight instructors. The combination of cognitive and motor impairment, and an unfamiliar aircraft meant that they were unable to solve the cabin depressurisation issue and regain control over the aircraft before they experienced acute hypoxia and were rendered unconscious.

    The NTSB report also showed that there was a patchy maintenance record on the aeroplane to remedy cabin pressure issues, with unauthorised deferrals waiving maintenance groundings due to cabin pressure problems – indicating that the aeroplane was incorrectly maintained and out of spec.

  16. Just imagine your going about your day, no knowledge on the situation, then a plane crashes in a nearby field and you see an F-16 leaving the scene

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