5 Freak DRONE Accidents

Mixed Rock Presents 5 Freak Drone Accidents Number One: April 2016: a drone crash landed
through race car driver David Perel’s office window in Cape Town, South Africa, despite
being five floors from the ground! It hit the unaware Perel in the head, leaving him
with small injuries. Number Two: Irresponsibility seemingly comes
hand in hand when it comes to drones, but managing to collide your drone into Seattle’s
Great Wheel is another ballpark all together…KIRO7 reported that the drone struck the Seattle
attraction, before landing on the patio of a nearby restaurant. The restaurant was closed,
and the attraction was inspected for any destruction. After being shut briefly, it was opened once
more to the public. The drone is currently with the police, who are trying to identify
the pilot. Number Three: Unlike the previous perpetrator
on the list, this man didn’t get away that easily, as he struck the Empire State Building
with this drone. After colliding his drone with the 40th floor of the infamous building,
Sean Nivin Riddle was apprehended. Authorities haven’t released why the drone was flying
above Manhattan, Riddle himself claimed on Twitter, than he was using it to record the
skyline until it crash landed, and made it easy for the police to arrest him, by asking
guards at the building for his machine back. The since-deleted message claims that he was
with security, having a background check. Despite the victimless crime, Riddle is facing
police charges of reckless endangerment. Number Four: World champion Austrian skier
Marcel Hirscher was competing in an Italian race, when a drone fell from the sky, luckily
avoiding him. The written-off machine, which broke as it landed, was owned by a broadcast
company, and is designed to carry heavy loads. The particular drones in question, can weigh
up to 15kg. It remains a mystery as to why it fell, and could be anything from human
to technical error. Unaware of the near-miss until after the race, he was gobsmacked. “This
is horrible” he said, “This can be a serious injury”. Number Five: Enrique Iglesias also became
a victim, after suffering from an injury in an accident at one of his packed 2015 concerts
in Tijuana, Mexico, as a part of his Sex and Love world tour. The accident occurred when
he reached out, and managed to slice his fingers. Continuing his show, he used his bloodied
hand as a prop, using it to draw a heart on his t-shirt. Thanks for watching! For more please hit Subscribe!

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