10 Most Expensive Presidential Planes In The World

10 Most Expensive Presidential Planes In The World

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  1. the shit mexican state plane can fly 1000 mph (says the moron in this video)….a 787 that goes supersonic? fucks off liberals!!!!!

  2. According to this video, the plane #10 that belongs to the Mexican President not only cost more than the larger and more luxurious Saudi B747s and A380 but it can fly at more than 1,000 mph. Again, it can fly at MORE THAN 1,000 MILES PER HOUR1 This makes it A SUPERSONIC plane…

  3. I don't watch videos, or stop watching them, when there is obvious click bait. They've made other rule changes, and it's time to clean this up.

  4. OMG, your pronouncing it soooooo wrong, when saying the name of a Boeing plane model, you don't say (for example)[747] seven-forty-seven, you say seven-FOUR-seven. Please if you are going to make a video like this, please at least get the pronunciation correct. *but if it Airbus, for example the A380, you say it as A-three-eighty, so you got it right for Airbus, but please get it right for Boeing.

  5. "πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈπŸ™…β€β™‚οΈπŸ™…β€β™‚οΈπŸ™…β€β™‚οΈπŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ I wanna purchased one like of Saudi"βœπŸ’ŽβœπŸ’ŽβœπŸ’ŽβœπŸ’ŽβœπŸ’Ž

  6. U said something wrong. The person who's picture u shown and said "the president of Bangladesh" isn't the President. She's the Prime Minister. Also, in Bangladesh, the Prime Minister rules the country meanwhile the president has very little power…

  7. Suck in to see why there a airplane with machine guns like those in ww2 but it didn’t show that yes were dumb to see. Suck in

  8. The plane in the thumbnail couldn’t reach 70 feet before plundering towards the grounds with the MISSILES on the front end.

  9. Get your facts straight any aircraft is AirForce One when ever the President is on board , boeing 707, 747 or even a cesna will be AF 1

  10. No passenger jetliner can fly at 1000 miles per hour! That is supersonic and only fighter jets and the Concorde could fly faster than the speed of sound!

  11. It is very interesting facts for us. Why does the president expense lot of money by using of luxury plane? These money can be used for the development of country.

  12. I have seen why some countries do not develop, they are just spending hundreds million of dollars for plane!
    Its insane.

  13. First up with incorrect information . The Boeing 777 doesn't have "jet" engines. They're tubofans.
    Funny how these sh1thole countries that can't feed their people have such expensive aircraft for the leader.

  14. First up with incorrect information . The Boeing 777 doesn't have "jet" engines. They're tubofans.
    Funny how these sh1thole countries that can't feed their people have such expensive aircraft for the leader.

  15. Time for me to disprove the clickbait:

    0:22 It's 'Triple Seven', not '7-77'. Also, if that is the real plane, then it is not private. It is owned by Biman Bangladesh Airlines, who, like any other airline, allow you to book tickets to board one of their scheduled flights from a selection of airports to their hub airport. And also, aircraft companies replace old aircraft with newer ones that are equipped with newer, more economical engines, more advanced cockpit UI's etc. And since Boeing, the company that made the plane, has built 2 more newer airliners since the 777-300ER's release (747-8 and 787), along with them working on a replacement for that plane, along with activity from their competitor Airbus, this means that the 777-300ER is not the world's most economical airliner to ever take flight.

    0:39 I thought you said it was a 777, not a 737.

    1:01 It uses MORE duel than other planes. The A340 ended production ages ago because nobody wanted it. Why? Because it had four engines, but didn't have the excuse of needing four because it only had one deck.

    1:05 It was released for airlines to order in 1987. That's 32 years ago. That is not at all modern.

    1:11 That's clearly a Trent XWB, which is much newer, used for the A350. It clearly says on the side of the engine. The engines shown are not Trent 500s.

    1:29 Swiss A340 screenshot from a flight sim.

    1:58 Seriously? All airplanes must be aerodynamic in order to fly longer ranges and burn less fuel. Planes having wing tips that curve slightly helps increase the aerodynamics of the plane.

    2:03 Cockpits have to be fully equipped to fly and on longer flights there is a relief crew of 2-3 people so the regular crew can rest. Most long haul planes come with their own rest areas as standard. If they don't, pilots would use an empty seat.

    2:23 Don't put it on the list then if it was destroyed. Aren't you supposed to do planes that actually still exist?

    3:35 Air Force One is not a 707.

    3:43 Of course it is if Donald Trump owns it.

    3:45 At the time of this video being uploaded, Donald Trump was and still is the President of the US, so why do you have a picture of Obama?

    4:32 "His plane is huge"
    *Proceeds to show a narrow-body plane even though the 767 us a wide-body and is still quite small compared to the A300, A330 and 777.

    5:02 1: He sold that plane for $500 million.
    2: Wrong plane. That's an A320, not an A380.

    5:54 How can a 747 freighter be this 'Flying Palace'?

    6:11 That's a 757, not a 787.

    6:39 1: That was very sudden.
    2: No, I will not subscribe to you. You do not deserve to have 7.4 Million people committed to watching your videos, let alone any other creator with similar content.

    Okay you can rest now I'm done with my rant

  16. 6:17 and it can fly up to a 1000 miles per hour…

    Me: are you sure that`s not kilometers per hour

    This was one of many mistakes in the video, whre do you even get this information


  18. Heres a FACT , You need to be SHUT DOWN by YOUTUBE for your garbage content and ALWAYS having a FAKE clickbate photo for the video !!!! wheres the plane in the thumbnail photo you lying ,garbage ,pathetic pukes!!! anyone reading this who is as annoyed as I am am have HAD ENOUGH of seeing this time wasting CRAP! on youtube , REPORT THIS CHANNEL for CLICKBATE VIOLATIONS and anything else you see falsely presented!!! stand up to these scumbags , they make a TON of money conning people and wasting time ruining youtube!!!!!

  19. I didn't even bother to watch, just on the thumbnail I am basing this comment. As an aerospace engineer I am fucking sick and tired of worthless dickheads with TOP 10 bullshit. We have climate change deniers, moon hoaxers and flat earth fanatics and a vast array of other fake techno bullshit. If all the dickheads producing this crap want to keep on producing it then we NEED TO BUILD NEW POWER STATIONS and we can't because every time we try and sit down and discuss any technology (WATER, ENERGY, FOOD….) we can't because we have to wade through a swamp of bullshit first and by the time we have swum through that swamp of bullshit everyone is so exhausted we can't even discuss solutions.

  20. If anyone is actually looking for the plane on the thumbnail, go to the Oats Studio channel. You’ll find some amazing Neil Blomkampf? shorts there, you can thank me later.

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