10 Abnormally Large Airplanes That Actually Exist

10 Abnormally Large Airplanes That Actually Exist

When you think about it humans have been able to pull off some pretty impressive fees flight is one of them not [happier] Just making any old plane We’ve pushed the limits for the last century and built some truly impressive and terrifying creations from Cargo Planes to bombers to Insane-looking double-Decker Passenger liners the Following massive airplanes will leave you wondering just how big things can get just be sure to hit that subscribe button before You get distracted by some pretty impressive aircraft Hughes H4 hercules You probably know the hughes h4 hercules better by its next name the spruce goose designed by famed aviator Howard hughes this Massive Aircraft was built during world war [two] even more impressively It was built almost completely from wood powered by eight engines this beast was designed to carry two tanks of around 75 tons of Cargo sure it never entered operation service but because it did fly it still holds the record [for] largest Wingspan at 320 feet so we think it deserves a mention Convair B-36 Peacemaker During the cold war it was all about building aircraft that were bigger faster and had the longest range Possible enter the B-36 Built during the time when everyone [was] using jet power this bomber was nearly obsolete when it started service in 1949 Nonetheless it was the only bomber which had the range to strike the uSSr with a nuclear bomb so it stayed on the B-36 was truly massive in every way and with a 230 foot Wingspan remains the largest mass produced piston engine aircraft ever built [it] was so large it had a 13 man Crew and was Powered by six piston and four jet engines antonov An-22 Even in a world dominated by jet power the an-22 shows that propeller driven aircraft can leave a mark you see the antonov An-22 Isn’t just powered by propeller technology it is the largest Turboprop-Powered aircraft ever 68 of these large Cargo Planes have been built and they currently see service in Russia and the ukraine so how big are they well the an-22 has a wings of 211 feet and can carry four armored vehicles or 290 passengers for added measure even its engines look impressive with dual contra-rotating propellers Which are necessary to lift all [that] weight into [the] air? Boeing B-52 What’s incredible about this American cold war palmer? is that the crews that service and fly them today weren’t even born when the last one rolled up the assembly line [in] 1962 it’s not the Heaviest bomber in the American Arsenal, but the B-52s 159 foot length, and 185 Foot Wingspan make it dimensionally the largest bomber in us service the fact is Also that has eight jet engines adds to the impressive overall size Incredibly planners hope to keep these bombers flying until 2040 this means the B-52s will have had a longer lifespan than the men who flew it over the last several decades lockheed C-5 Galaxy if you’ve ever been to an airshow and had a chance to see one of these close up then you know Just how massive they are the lockheed C-5 Galaxy is a transport plane used by the United States military It is a wingspan of 222 feet and it’s powered by four massive engines yet the true size of the plane is revealed when the interior gets opened up the Cavernous interior Is One foot longer than the distance covered by the wright brothers first flight this allows it to carry up [to] six apache attack Helicopters or five bradley fighting vehicles at one time antonov An-124 Anything you can do I can do better. [that’s] pretty much the russian response to the u.s. C5 Galaxy which came in the form [of] the antonov An-124 Introduced [sixteen] years after the C5 this russian military plane was the world’s heaviest production Cargo aircraft for 30 years until that title was taken by an entry that we’ll get to soon the An-124 has a 240 foot Wingspan and can carry an amazing 150 tons of Cargo it can even hold 350 people in its Massive Cargo hold ironically when nato countries required more heavy lifting capacity during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan They lined up to lease some of these massive aircraft TupoleV Tu-160 it’s not just the United [states] that builds big bombers in the 1980s the soviet Union unveils the Tu-160 bomber nicknamed black jack this jet-powered bomber has a 189 Foot Wingspan and takeoff weight of 300 tons making it the heaviest combat aircraft in the world this plane can carry around 40 tons of bombs and cruise missiles and fly at an impressive speed of mach 2 there are only around 16 in service But rumor has it that more might be built soon boeing 747-8 in the 1970s the boeing 747 was introduced and ushered in the era of the jumbo Jet a partial double-Decker the 747 became the face of transatlantic travel capable of carrying Several hundred passengers at a time nearly 50 [years] on and new versions of this plane continue to fly and set records the newest version from boeing is the 747-8 and it is the longest passenger aircraft in the world In fact at 250 feet in length this passenger liner is more than 90 feet longer than the massive B-52 bomber for Cargo a freighter version is heavier and [can] carry more weight than the impressive and 124 making it the heaviest production Cargo plane in the world Airbus A380 there are some planes that just don’t look like they should be able to fly take the airbus A380 for example this passenger liner takes the term jumbo jet to a whole new level with a 261 Foot Wingspan and full double-Decker layout the A380 looks like A 747 [that] has had way too much to eat it can easily carry over 500 passengers and empty it weighs in over 300 tons. That’s big No wonder people everywhere are going crazy photoshopping new variations of the plane with [3] [4] or even more decks added on top of the 2 Already in place it kind of makes you wonder if that’s even possible [antonov] An-225 when [russia] had a space shuttle program they needed a plane to carry the spacecraft around the answer taken an 124 and large it add a new tail and slap on [two] more engines what you are left with is the An-225 [and] it is big at 275 feet Long and with a 290 foot Wingspan this beast is the biggest currently around just to give you an idea of how much this plane can carry in 2001 the An-225 Flew with four main Battle tanks weighing 280 tons each in its whole although only one is currently in service Rumors and reports suggest that the production of the an-225 may once again start up making the largest production Cargo plane ever Well those are some pretty big planes [yet] there still never seems to be enough arm rest for everyone to use So figure that one out until next time be sure to subscribe and check out the other fun Terrifying and truly interesting facts found in other videos and articles over at the richest bye. 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  2. check your facts, authors! all enlisted antonov planes were and are made in ukraine (ussr before 1991), not russia! antonov plane factory is located in kiev (capital of ukraine). russia has Mig and Su aircrafts, but not An

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  3. That plane on the cover is a Beluga but it is a transport plane and there cant be people in the back because there no seats

  4. The Airbus A300-600ST ( the Beluga) is not used for transporting passengers, It's used to transport cargo, Back in the day they were well known for transporting parts of rockets, thats why the plane is so round.

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