Hi , Welcome to Laia_FPV, If you’re a droneaddict you’re in the correct channel. Today, in this new chapter, I bring you a video full of adrenaline, and plenty of emotions with reference to the fpv world racing. This previous weekend was held the first edition of the BARCELONA DRONE WORLD CUP. The Barcelona Drone World Cup is a scoring event for the 2018 FAI Drone Racing World Cup. This event, was organized by the manresana- australian company Freespace Drone Racing jointly with aeromodelling club of the central Catalonia. The place chosen was Les Comes located in the town of Suria very close to Manresa. The competition has been divided into three days. The first day (On Friday) were the trainings for our pilots and to familiarize themselves with the track. The second day (On Saturday), I was there. There were the F3U mini drone qualifications , the eliminatory ones and the qualifiers for the Sunday race. Of these qualifiers only 32 best drone pilots remained for the final race. In total, there was a participation of 72 pilots from 10 countries around the world. At national level we have recognized names such as Thunder, GarriSkills, Ivan Merino, and Thais. On the other hand, at an international level, pilots coming from Germany like Vilano FPV, from Poland, and France like the pilot Darkex, and from Austria. During these three days there have been several activities suitable for the whole family. There were exhibitors, drone workshops, and a camping area. And the ticket to the event only cost 5 euros. One of the novelties of this year was the exclusive worldwide presentation of the newest FAI sanctioned class of giant racing drones, the FS500. It has a weight of 2000 grams and goes from 0 to 100 km/ h in less than a second. Faster than an F1! Would you accompany me to discover more information about the Barcelona World Drone Cup? I leave you with the intro and the video , and a little later I’ll tell you about the circuit and the regulations and a little more details. See you! “Well done! ” Now, We’re going to know a few details about the track and regulations. Firstly, It’s an outdoor circuit, natural and very fast with rigid and natural obstacles such as trees or stones. The measurements of the flight field are 110m long x 250m wide, a maximum height of 12 meters and a length greater than 800 meters. Our Pilots had to do two laps in a row to the circuit and from these two they made the average. Therefore, they had to do fast laps and improve their times and thus they were eliminating pilot after pilot with the average of the two laps. A schedule was established that allowed four test flights, four qualifiers and one elimination phase of 32 pilots. With regard to the regulations , all pilots could be registered and participate in possession of the current FAI License. Another important factor was that they could register up to three correctly identified directing models. Another important factor to add was the correct functioning of the Fail Safe was mandatory. It also flew at a frequency of 25 Mw and, the Video Transmitter TBS Unify Pro-Race and Tramp were accepted. Another important factor was that the models had to be able to easily switch from LHCP to RHCP, and the channel change buttons should be accessible. The Organization had a frequency scanning system. The unauthorized and deliberate interference of video transmission signals could be grounds for sanction or disqualification. Now ,we’re going to have a look at the track. It should be noted that there is a phase in which our pilots pass through a tunnel and there I could see and also talk to some of the pilots , who told me that when passing through the tunnel the light came directly into their eyes. By having a camera with a lot of latency imagine the problems there may be. That is why it is important to have a good fpv camera and the TVL. The truth is that the seconds there were taken.
You have to own a good fpv camera as the foxeer predator can go very well for this type of event, and also if it is competition. You have to make sure you have a good fpv camera in these circumstances because it was a very fast circuit and you had to go through the same tunnel twice. Our quads went over 130- 140 km / h. So imagine the exposure of light that our pilots had. Therefore, the reception of the image was more delayed. Another curiosity, is that the French pilot Darkex has been the fastest drone pilot of the entire weekend. As you could verify it has been a very close competition. It has been incredible. I am getting more and more desire to combine freestyle with the world of racing but, step by step. Let’s see, If you liked my video I would really appreciate your likes, subscribe if you’re new. Here, it goes the Question of the day If you’re interested in the drone world racing , Have you ever thought in participating in a competition soon? Did you know similar events of this type? in which location? Maybe, I could go and make a good report. Thanks a million for your attention and support, hit the like button, give me lots of support so that I can upload videos of this type or freestyle. Soon I will upload something because it is already time. what happens is that I’m preparing other things that I hope you like. Okay? and here I say goodbye. Feel free to leave your comments. If you have any questions regarding my channel leave them there as well. so I just need to say. Until the next adventure!

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