100 thoughts on “✨NEW✨ Microsoft Surface Pro X! Review and Drawing Challenge!”

  1. Even though the surface line all have kick stands, when ur moving it around on wood or metal is sounds like ur scratching your surface

  2. What would you guys recommend if I decided to switch digitally and write my notes on either an iPad or the Microsoft, I would also want to be able to type up my assignments too

  3. I've been using a surface pro 4 i5 for the past 3 years – I love surface, their line of products and their vision – I NEED the pro x in my life!

  4. Justine!! You should try to do another bob Ross painting 😭👏🏼 that video was just great !
    Also ! I love you !! And love your videos !

  5. I am sheikh hamza from bangladesh and i am student right now, i need a laptop very much, ,can u please give me it, Please 😇 i am not able to buy it, so, Please

  6. Justine I really like your videos please, please keep up the good work I mean that full respect I'm 48 years old and I still play video games like I said keep up the good work

  7. I just recently deleted asphalt 8 from my phone. Out of probably 50 races I did I came in first 2 times. It's Much harder and more frustrating than she makes it seem.

  8. Graphiter is an amazingly lifelike sketching app, but it hasn't been updated for a long time. There's always Fresh Paint (also hasn't been updated in a while), ArtRage and Autodesk Sketchbook. Looking forward to Adobe Fresco. How many of these will work on the ARM processor of the X I don't know.

  9. You’re not married yet? What about nadeshot you don’t letting him pound your pussy now days? Haven’t seen you since BO3 lol

  10. I have been trying Leonardo that is on the Microsoft Store for my SP7 and I really am enjoying that! Also Cory mentioned that he didn't love the other surface pen tips, but you can buy other tips for the pen that feel more pencil like on amazon and the Microsoft Store, I believe!

  11. She is just suck at review. Dave lee and mkbhd are much better.she is just like a kid saying basic stuff and COMPETION.

  12. Hey justine, m new here… Saw you many times before in other youtubers videos but ignored 😶( m sorry for rhat 😂) but just now i watched your review clip on one plus Facebook page and just couldn't control myself to check out your channel, and here i m 😂 TY TY… I just want to say i loved your video and I'll keep supporting you… LOL (lot's of love 🤣)

  13. I think it's time to change from iJustine to MicroJustine, your Surface reviews are awesome. I come here just for your Surface videos.

  14. Hello,
    I'm a old fan viewer that's been watching for years!!!!!
    Wanted to know what kind of a programmer that you have set up or downloads when you hook up your new computers,? And what programs to start them up with? .it seems very easy and quick ??!!

  15. When you look that good you don't need instructions. You can make up your own and the mfg will change to suit you. As it should be…much respect!! OK Lady, I am new and need the best of the best for drone operations and editing. 4k and better with processing and display along with editing software. What do you recommend???

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