✈ PRIMO volo con HUBSAN ZINO ✈ – Test e prime impressioni su questo DRONE ECONOMICO💵

✈ PRIMO volo con HUBSAN ZINO ✈ – Test e prime impressioni su questo DRONE ECONOMICO💵

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[Music] hello friends welcome back to my channel
I’m Alfredo in today’s video we come back again to talk about the HUBSAN ZINO
a drone that despite being cheap in fact you can buy it for yourself
230 euros in the version with the bag for transport and a battery can
give away shots in 4K spectacular as you have seen
in the introduction for those new to the channel or in any case for those unfamiliar with the
HUBSAN ZINO I made an unboxing video you
I leave the link at the top of the tab let’s start by saying that I left all
the factory settings of both both the drone video camera I don’t own
touched nothing and I didn’t even updated to the latest firmware or
neither radio nor the drone and therefore everything was left just as it comes out of
box talking about the flight in departures on
drone didn’t seem as unstable as they said in other videos I have
seen on youtube it is true that it is not a fixed nail in the air this is caused
from the lack of a sensor visual positioning called VPU that is
present in more expensive drones and lo we usually find in the lower part
of the drone in the landing I can not tell you that I found myself hurt
found a bit lost but this just because I didn’t leave
3/4 years ago with drones toy as they have done in many but
I already started from a drone that could be used at the level
let’s say semi professional or lo XIAOMI MI DRONE 4K which is equipped with many
sensors and therefore in the landing facilitate it then bought the
MAVIC PRO and then the thing is gone improving so I never tried a
true drone let’s say those Spartans those that once were there anyway
specified this thing there worry this drone is perfect either
in the landing and take-off since noiseless point of view is not
I won’t even show you so noisy a clip that I shot the other day
the drone it is quite stable and obviously
when you switch from one drone to another ci you have to take a moment by hand indeed
the first minutes it will seem a little strange to you but then you
get used to it by continuing to talk of the stability of this drone in flight
I noticed in tests that start all maneuvers are the rotation on itself
same is the going backwards or move sideways to the beginning of
all these maneuvers there is a phase let’s say jerky of initial impetus that
then obviously can be settled in post production but maybe being the HUBSAN
ZINO designed for aerial shooting is better to know it first so as to
set the CLIP or resume in proper way
there are also enough present I have tested automatic flight modes
many but specifically I have tested the active track to see if a DRONE
from € 200 this feature it was good and I have enough left
satisfied as you can see now the clip that
you are seeing never lost me although I moved enough
quickly and even in conditions of low light
the app honestly well built not I saw it well in detail
however I will make a video about it once I studied it well I didn’t
I had crashes with android devices both tablet and smartphone for apple not
I can tell you because I don’t have it then if maybe you bought the ZINO and you are
testing with an iphone or ipad let us know
below comments or at least we disclose as much information as possible
finally a last automatic mode of flight and the automatic return home I have
been wrong three or four meters but in the end we say that it is
as normal as all drones also drones like the MVCI PRO sometimes
wrong of 2/3 meters but I think it is all normal
then something important and I hope though we then solved it with updates
there is an annoying transmission lag that there is video between the drones is the
our device indeed seems just that while we start one
maneuver there is that half a second of delay that maybe for those who must do
video footage this thing is important
or even simply maybe dodge an obstacle maybe that means
second it can be fatal, however, I repeat
since I have seen very few videos for not let me probably influence this one
what has been updated finally we talk about the disconnections that
maybe there may be between radio control and the drone that in my case
there have not been in these 15 16 flights that I have
obviously carried out respecting the limits of 70 meters in
maximum height and 200 meters away unregistered no disconnection
so this is ok for me, I would say that we can move on to my first
conclusions on this drone is built good materials even if we say
cheap seem robust enough so they’re good for me
obviously we see the difference with the MAVIC PRO OR XIAOMI 4K
the plastics are a bit different though and stable therefore means that i
materials have perhaps been studied specifically to make it skilled on the fly
Because I took this drone though did I have the MAVIC PRO? for various reasons the
first because I don’t like fossilizing myself on things and I like to explore second
motivation I think you have to buy cheaper products to appreciate
those of good quality and see if it is worth worth spending that extra third money
no less important I wanted to propose here on the canal a drone enough
economic for those who face for the first time on this world that is capable
to record 4k videos so great quality and portable and anyway it does not make you
spend a folly and maybe you find yourself buying a MAVIC PRO
new or used that wanders around the 800 euros maximum 1,100 euros new if
you can still find it and maybe you notice that you don’t like it
fly the drone or mount videos because beyond the part of the flight I remind you that
there is also the part of video editing if we want to do something with a certain one
criterion ok guys i hope not to have you bored too much cmq this is a short e
first overview on ‘HUBSAN ZINO and on my first impressions of what I have
seen in the first flights on the flight precisely on the application and on anyway
what revolves around to the HUBSAN ZINO
obviously take everything for now what I tell you with pliers because
I remember you for the umpteenth time not I have updated nothing so this and how
comes out of the box I tell you how it is success also for MI DRONE 4K if not
you know at the beginning it is not which was a perfect drone in with i
subsequent updates but like all drones then like all two with i
subsequent updates always go more improving
ok friends i hope the video is there liked it if it were so nice
I like it and if you want to help me with the channel growth
sign up and activate the campanellin thank you for being here with me
see you at the end of the video always here on FREDDY-TECH

4 thoughts on “✈ PRIMO volo con HUBSAN ZINO ✈ – Test e prime impressioni su questo DRONE ECONOMICO💵”

  1. Ciao, io al momento ho Hubsan zino, l'ho preso appena uscito, all'inizio dava qualche problema, poco stabile ecc..poi con i vari aggiornamenti è diventato davvero un bel drone, soprattutto per il prezzo, adesso volevo qualcosa di più professionale e avevo pensato al mavic pro platinum, faccio un bel passo, oppure meglio tenermi lo Zino? Grazie..

  2. Excellent video Freddy and very fair assessment of the quad. I bought one of the very first Zino's last year and have flown it many times since them and it is a great aerial camera platform for the price. Most of the firmware updates have improved the drone, although the most recent FPV/camera firmware update 3.0.8 was a backwards step by Hubsan, because it downgraded the quality of the image and I still use the much better 3.0.6. and 1.1.52 for the flight control firmware. Thank you for sharing your video.

  3. la fase "scattosa" la elimini nelle impostazioni di velocità di reazione degli stick, impostandola al 20% può pilotarlo anche un bimbo di 4 anni.

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