✅6️⃣ Ways To STOP DRONES!

✅6️⃣ Ways To STOP DRONES!

welcome to another exciting episode of
TTI if you have been paying attention you would have observed that drones have
seen a drastic rise in popularity over the past couple of years drones as a
whole have a lot of potential useful applications such as in
search-and-rescue and in photography but it’s hard to ignore the fact that they
may also be used for more nefarious purposes like spying in order to check
this growing menace various systems have been designed to provide safe and legal
options to individuals who value their privacy without further ado we present
the best options on how to take down rogue drones Battelle drone defender the
Battelle drone defender looks like something out of a space opera sleek
lethal and unarguably futuristic looking produced by Bechtel corporation a global
leader in applied science research this device is as effective as it is easy to
use simply take aim at the offending drone and let loose and it discharges a
concentrated cone of energy that serves to scramble communication between the
drones remote control signal and its GPS connection effectively rendering it
useless the Battelle drone defender can be used
in the defense of up to 400 meters of airspace and it provides the additional
advantages of being portable and extremely easy to use before you get
carried away and start to reach for your debit card you may need to know that
this device hasn’t been approved for civilian use at the moment and is only
available to US government agencies sky wall 100 it was inevitable that as
drones became more widely used there would be close calls with another device
which shares the same airspace with planes there have been an increasing
number of close call encounters between drones and aircraft as well as a
tendency for drones to encroach on military bases and the sky wall 100
drone defense system seems like the perfect way to stop this created by
English startup company open works engineering the sky wall works by
utilizing an advanced computer-aided visual targeting system that can track
and take down drones from up to 100 yards sky wall captures rogue drones
with the use of a capsule containing Nets and a parachute which safely brings
down the drone without damaged sky wall can be reloaded and fired in as little
as eight seconds if there are multiple drones or if it misses the first time
around it does not get available for purchase but based on the amount of
interest that is receiving at the moment it is poised to be a game-changer
when it would release except EO netra designed by thesis UAV
solutions the excipient net is one of the increasingly popular drone net
capture technologies unlike other drone capture devices the
excipient room is equipped with an onboard camera and can be guided to
actually hunt for them the Nets can be fired at intruder drone
propellers in order to tangle the propellers and the captured drone can
then be dragged along to your base for examination the net attached to the
excipient large to target unmanned aircraft or even people making this
device one of the most concerning yet intriguing devices available on the
market eagle the eagle maybe one of the
craziest but most effective means of combating the drone problem we have seen
so far developed by the police in the Netherlands this hilarious system has
been demonstrated to be surprisingly effective as anti drone ninja techniques the eagles naturally strong talons have
been shown to be sharp enough to pose a threat to any drone and strong enough to
stand up to any drone propellers watch out drones the Eagles are coming
for you u.s. Navy laser some drones are bigger than others and therefore require
more firepower if you want to stop them the US Navy is very aware of this fact
and has debuted the world’s first functional laser system that is ready
for action this may signal the replacement of
missiles for the purpose of taking down enemy targets as it offers undeniable
advantages such as superior speed the US Navy laser is also more cost
effective to use than traditional projectile weapons and can be used to
safely disable engines on manned aircraft it is important to remember
that due to the Geneva Convention the use of laser weapons against people is
strictly prohibited sky drone or camera the sky drone er is a splash and
effective anti drone system optimized to detect and destroy any unauthorized
drones encroaching into areas where they aren’t wanted it is made up of a bundle
of sensors to enable it to detect drone signatures and it has the ability to
distract a drone by taking over the command and control frequencies it can
also totally immobilize drones to prevent them from further encroachment
and furthermore it has a range of more than one kilometer can provide real-time
tracking and has home command capabilities in order to help return it
to its operator there you have it folks six ways to
arrest intruder drones from all over the world which of these inventions that you
think were the most useful and why tell me in the comments below don’t forget to
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27 thoughts on “✅6️⃣ Ways To STOP DRONES!”

  1. That's small drones that some bad people use. I need some devices that can take down much larger ones. That can hit with energy weapons about 40 plus miles away. Those things flippen hurt. So what is out there we as citizens can buy to protect ourselves from these ones? A multi shot one. When they get brave there are up to sex of them. Way not joking. They have been doing it for years. So very sick of them. Help!

  2. You can't send a frequency gun to capture a high-end racing drone you need to send another drone that's the way to do it boys and girls anything else is a pity


    1:58..SKYWALL 100
    5:02..US NAVY LASER


  4. yea, we love technology, huh ? imagine the drone potential cost of say $25 to $100 at massive volume production, compared with drone "bazooka" blaster potential cost of $275,000 from our generous military contractor suppliers, not to mention "bazooka" cartridge at $375 a shot ? for drone service, my choice seems obvious: top vote goes to the Eagle ~ also, thumbs up for drones using a net release very applicable for use in capturing a person fleeing from fairly legitimate arrest ~

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